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World of Horror - PC Early Access/Gamepass, Consoles later this year


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So, I've been looking forward to this for quite some time - particularly for the amazing 1-bit art style that the game possesses.


Basically, it's an RPG that revolves around your character investigating all manner of Junji Ito inspired abominations, and/or surviving the happenings around a very strange mid-80s Japanese town.



I haven't got a lot to go on, as I'm going in blind and it's only just released on Steam for a crisp £11.39 , but initial impressions have been positive. There's also been a demo circulating, which you can find here:



EDIT: And as @Goose has wonderfully mentioned, this is out on PC Gamepass right now as well!

The developer is intending to release later this year on PS4 and Switch, if you're interested.


In the meantime, I'll be back later with my own impressions of it. I'll be very upset of it's a bit pap, but that's life!

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33 minutes ago, Goose said:

This is on PC Gamepass right now. 

...wait, what?

*looks at twitter*

...*slides refund request to Steam*

Game is trés cool, mind. Played through the introductory mission (I believe it's the one in the demo), and battered some clock tower scissor lady with a baseball bat before I had dinner.

The only thing I don't like at the minute is that the UI is quite cluttered, and the combat is a bit by-the-numbers. But the investigation stuff seems a lot more involved than I was anticipating, so that's cool.

I guess a lot more people will be aware of it, now! And that's great, because one guy was working on this thing for three years or something, so a Gamepass payday is great news.

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Have you played any more, @SiriI'd agree the UI is very cluttered, and I doubt that's going to change, but you do adjust.


I've had a run through every available area in each investigation (bar, I think, one). There are multiple potential outcomes in each, and I always seem to get the worst possible ending :D


The game is apparently a Rogue-like in that you can carry your XP through to different playthroughs? That would make sense as the difficulty level is very high - every time you get toward the end of a scenario you're riddled with injury, carrying around several curses, lost your allies and often desperate for a fag (seriously, that's part of the game).


Problem is, I've not come across XP carry-over yet. The 'Continue' button is blacked-out, and choosing the new playthrough option obviously doesn't bring anything across. Anyone had any luck with it, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Edit: just remembered, I haven't done the full custom playthrough so far. This might be the only place where the rogue system comes into play, I guess?

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Ok, so I played some more and I'm fairly, maybe, possibly sure the only 'Roguelike' bit is that it records how many endings you've unlocked. That's fine, but it's not a Roguelike, even if it ties these strands together in some way toward the end.


So is it any good? Yep! It totally got its hooks into me. Essentially everything continuously goes to poop, with both your physical health, your mental stability and even the town around you falling into dereliction. Fighting your way through the twisted cultists, monsters and apparitions takes a drastic toll, and you'll find yourself limping to the end of your playthrough no matter how cleverly you apply your limited abilities.


Learning the pitfalls in the scenarios - so you can either step around or exploit them - is the empowering part of a run-through. Each run-through of the main game will last about 25 minutes, and the way it introduces its story elements is compelling. What grabs you is the art style; that early Apple Mac era of graphics, combined with the Junji Ito-inspired designs and the Lovecraftian atmosphere. I'm gonna go into more detail on the next MHG podcast (hopefully available Thurs 27th) but yeah, try it out on Game Pass PC - it's great.  

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I did have a quick go at the initial 'main' campaign for a spell (basically pulling myself away from the JP version of PSO2).


Ran 2 of the five campaigns, found it enjoyable but found myself a little bit weak when running the second campaign, so I should have gone from the recommended path to find a better weapon (either that, or I was *really* unlucky with the improvised weapon find - ended up with two broken bottles, so I had to get through some fights with Dodge/Prepare/Normal Attack as a sequence, which only done 4 points of damage).


In the end, I had to use a story-based action to burn the school down. O o o p s.


The actual saving/campaign progress is kind of odd - basically kills your character off, so I'm either missing something obvious or there's a very good reason behind it. Switch players will get around that with suspend mode, mind.


One thing I should say is that the PC Gamepass version is a bit different in that it's housed in a program window of some sort. I'd complain, but it's actually let me push it to my second screen properly, so it's a positive effect!


Edit: there's been some discussion on another forum - the penalties and deaths from saving/quitting are mostly there because parts of the saving/loading mechanism that don't work correctly.


Patch notes mention that it's being worked on, but it's not quite there yet. Did I mention patch notes?


Patch Notes!



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