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RLLMUK's Films of the 2010's - 2015 to 2019 - FINISHED

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Hi All


We've got 15 voters in this - I need to do mine as well and I'm starting on 2010 to 2014 stuff now.


Be good to get to a similar number to that poll (24) so if you'd like to take part in this one then please put your picks in and there will be plenty of results very shortly.

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Deadline for this will be next Sunday at Midnight and I’ll be annoying and keep bumping it.


Just crunched the numbers so far and currently one year has 5 films drawn for third place so more voters please!

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1. Sicario

2. Spotlight

3. The Lobster



1. La La Land

2. Hell or High Water

3. Manchester by the Sea



1. Phantom Thread

2. The killing of a Sacred Deer

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri



1. Avengers Infinity War

2. Leave no Trace

3. Hereditary



1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

2. Joker

3. The Irishman

4. Marriage Story

5. Booksmart

6. Uncut Gems

7. Honey Boy

8. Knives out

9. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

10. El Camino


(There's a few big hitters from 2019 I need to see, most notably Parasite, The Lighthouse and The Farewell)


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1 Antman

2 Sicario

3 The Man from UNCLE




1 Doctor Srange

2. Arrival

3 Kubo and the two strings




1 Blade Runner 2049

2 The Last Jedi

3 Paddington 2




1 Avengers Infinity War

2 Ready Player One

3. Solo




1 The rise of Skywalker 

2 Midsommar 

3 Avengers Endgame


edited after watching Midsommar 

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1. Sicario

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

3. Inside Out


Sicario is one of those films that grabs you from the opening few frames and stays with you long after the quietly downbeat ending. Emily Blunt is brilliant in the central role as an FBI agent whose known world gets far more complex than she realised, or perhaps previously cared to believe. The border crossing scene is one of the best action set-pieces of the decade, and like the film itself, understated, brutal and rife with tension.




1. Arrival

2. Manchester By the Sea

3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Arrival is a wonderful film. Echoes of Contact, with a thoughtful narrative that slowly reveals its hand, this film underlined Denis Villeneuve as one of the most fascinating directors working today.




1. You Were Never Really Here

2. Phantom Thread

3. Bladerunner 2049


Lynne Ramsey takes Joaquin Phoenix to some really dark places with You Were Never Really Here. I'm largely indifferent towards The Joker, albeit no question it's another admirable performance by Phoenix. Hopefully more people will seek out this overlooked gem on the back of Joker's success. It's a vicious, taut and lean thriller showing a director and actor at the peak of their powers.




1. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

2. First Man

3. Blackkklansman


Into the Spider-Verse was one of those films where I could feel myself getting agitated that I couldn't currently tell everyone I knew how utterly brilliant it is. I wanted to do that but my eyes were glued to the visual feast that was happening on the screen. The animation is mind-blowing, truly invigorating, and thankfully backed up by an engaging, entertaining story told by a cast of well-written, rounded characters.




1. Apollo 11

2. Booksmart

3. Jojo Rabbit


I think Apollo 11 is my favourite ever documentary, and it certainly afforded me one of my favourite cinematic experiences.


Went to see it for a second time after a local IMAX cinema did a short run. On the booking screen found the screening was empty. Double-checked with staff and they confirmed I was the only ticket, so spent a few minutes finding the best perch (just below middle, slightly looking up at the screen) and completely switched off for a startling hour and a half or so.


It's a brilliant doc in any format, but in a cavernous IMAX screen with audio that could shake loose a filling it becomes a transcendent experience. Really hope it gets annual limited runs because it really is a spellbinding reminder, and a hugely optimistic one at that, of just what humans can achieve when they put faith in science and engineering.


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1. The Martian

2. The Big Short

3. Inside Out



1. The Nice Guys

2.Hacksaw Ridge

3. Everybody Wants Some



1. Spiderman: Homecoming

2. Death of Stalin

3. Bladerunner: 2049



1. Avengers Infinity War

2. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

3. MI: Fallout



1. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

2. Jo Jo Rabbitt

3. Parasite

--------------------------------------Extra for 2019 Top Ten list (not compulsory - doesn't have to be 10 can be less)

4. Knives Out

5. UnCut Gems

6. Aeronauts

7. Avengers: End Game

8. Dolemite Is My name

9. Us

10. Ready Or Not

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7 hours ago, Nick R said:

@lordcookie - Don't know if you're still around, but it'd be good if you could add your choices to this poll.


@Ork1927 - As Kerraig never submitted a text list during that brief period he wasn't banned, I'm curious to know if you've taken his selections from that podcast he posted?


Hi - I never got around to listening to it.


@Benny - 2018 is very close at the top -  A film with Spider-Man in it has a good chance of winning at the moment.


19 Entries now - lets have some more before Midnight tomorrow.

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21 hours ago, Nick R said:

@lordcookie - Don't know if you're still around, but it'd be good if you could add your choices to this.

Thanks for thinking of me, but I’ve not seen enough films from the last 4-5 years to really contribute (not sure I have even watched a single 2019 film yet).

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5 hours ago, Ork1927 said:

I'm spamming, but deadline tonight.




You gents did the 2010 to 2014 - you in for this one?


And anyone else - full Top 10 for 2019 doesn't need to be done.


Ah cheers, forgot about this:



1. It Follows

2. Mad Max Fury Road

3. The Lobster


Runners up: Ant-Man, Sicario, TFA 



1. Hunt For The Wilderpeople

2. The Witch 

3.  The Nice Guys


Runners up: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Arrival, Green Room, Captain America Civil War,

Rogue One, La La Land. 



1. Thor Ragnarok

2. Okja

3. A Ghost Story 


Runners up: Get Out, Good Time, The Shape of Water, Last Jedi, Lady Bird, 




1. Avengers Infinity War

2. Free Solo

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse



1. Jojo Rabbit

2. Parasite 

3. Avengers Endgame 

4. Knives Out

5. Joker

6. Hustlers 

7. Captain Marvel 

8. Detective Pikachu 

9. Dolemite Is My Name

10. Ford vs Ferrari 

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3 hours ago, Ork1927 said:

Just finalising the scores for 2015 to 2019.


Gents - couple of amendments if you have a chance.


@Bazjam Ex Machina is 2014


@Azrael It Follows is 2014






Wikipedia lied to me. Bump my 2 and 3 up a position and put Ant-man at 3 then. 

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