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Phantasy Star Online 2 - New Genesis out on the 9th June!


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47 minutes ago, Siri said:


Technically, we're ALL playing this on XBox, as it's Cross-Play. I'll send you a clan invite if your character is called that as well and you're on ship 2.


RE: cosmetic dupes, you can use two of the same ticket to unlock it across your entire account. Otherwise, you could sell them on the player shop market - but to be honest, with how popular the game is, there's a lot of every cosmetic, so it will be far more efficient to just ditch it.


Later on when the economy levels out, you can select the item and use the 'check player shop prices' function to check if something's worth selling. Anything selling for 1050 should immediately be discarded or NPC'd. That's the lowest possible price you can sell items for (1000 plus 50 Meseta fee).


As for actually wearing them, you'll probably find it somewhere in the salon before I finish my break from the game as long as you used the ticket!

Cheers, not sure what ship I'm on, but only got a few hrs on current character so I can re-roll. Didn't realise it was cross play. Ta

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New Season Pass today, along with a bunch of shit:

Boost Road: Rotate though beating Floating Continent, Ruins and Floating Facility via Advance Quest to get an increase in EXP and Rare Drop rate, up to 150%. Logging in between 10th and the 23rd June will get you 10 of every advance capsule (A to F).

Party Play
: get in a party and play with 2 or more people between the 10th and 23rd June, and you get 20SG and some Photon Wing Accessory!

Just log in, 4head: logging in between the 10th and the 17th will get you a ticket for 10SG and three EXP 50% boosters, every day.

Just level your mission pass, 4head: Getting to tiers 4 and 8 respectively between the 10th and 23rd June will get you one Triboost 100% Booster each time.

THERE'S A NEW QUNA CONCERT: different songs, same symbol arts full of cartoon vaginas pasted on screen during it.

Magatsu Urgent Quests: Another double-header event like the Luther quest - The Manifested Planetbreaker / The Chant to Cleanse the Calamity. There's also A Blackened Kingdom, which is a repeatable Urgent Quest based on the Daybreak environment.

Sega Legacy Cosmetic AC Scratch:



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I posted a thing in the general thread.

So, Episodes 4/5/6.1 by the end of the year. but what does it MEAN?

Here's some shit from Reddit:



Release Period: August 2020

New Story Content

New Urgent Quests

Battle Arena

Ridroid Quest

Crafting (Spoilers: This is where Forces become the best class)

Level Cap: 80


Release Period: Quarter 3, 2020 (October?)

New Story Content

New Urgent Quests

New Scion Class: Hero (This is technically where you should have two classes at Level 75, but you got two months before it actually matters. See below)

Dark Blast

Level Cap: 90

EPISODE 6 (Part 1)

Release Period: Quarter 4, 2020 (December?)

New Story Content

New Urgent Quests

New Scion Class: Phantom (Spoilers: This is where everyone gets a new subclass)

New Difficulty Mode: Ultra Hard

Level Cap: 95

So, in July, we should expect Urgent Quest releases that cover the final boss of Episode 3. Which is good, because the encounter itself genuinely feels like the 'ending' of PSO2's original story (although Episode 4's final boss also has a proper big fight feel to it as well).

I'm not actually sure which episode brought in the Bonus Quest System, but I'm guessing it was around Episode 5 - Basically, the rewards for Daily and Weeklies get changed so you get a ticket to play a solo mission that genuinely shits out EXP everywhere.

But anyway, crafting is super good, and well worth the wait. Everyone gets access to new Photon Arts (known as Type-0), which replaces a skill and changes it fundamentally - this includes both actual attacks and magic/techniques.

Even if they don't have a Type-0, you can replace Photon Arts and Techniques with variants that change the stats of them, specifically Attack Power/PP Consumption/Area of Effect/Charge Time, and have an element of RNG to the actual potency.

in all: good

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New event: log in every day for a week to get some grinders, because there's a boost week (increased success rates for grinding/affixing).

ALSO: Complete 15 Urgent Quests between now and the end of the month to get up to 40SG and an AC Scratch ticket. IT'S WORTH TWO DOLLARS HOLY SHIT.

Regarding Alliance, note that someone who wanted to join didn't respond to their alliance invite. As I found out, after two weeks, it automatically removes the invite and uses the person's Player ID, which ended up being PN293507920375023.

So, uh, if you start playing and you don't have an invite in your inbox, just ask again, I don't have a clue who it was. Ta!

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Brand new for PSO2, it's Team America Month! You get reused Christmas Tree assets and old PSU post-mission music.

What you also get:

- Daily, repeatable Seasonal Quests for Glory Badges! Win Blacknyack for a stack of 30 every day!
- A new urgent quest based on Episode 4's Las Vegas environment. Get brand new augments and 13* Weapons while earning even more Glory Badges every day!
- Trade in Glory Badges for a mecha uncle sam suit, a roller diner outfit, and related accessories!
- You can also trade in Glory Badges 1:1 with Rising Weapon Badge 2! Ray Family Weapons and Units for everyone!

Also available: Challenge Mode (missions that stick you back at level 1 and use teamwork to build a character from scratch and beat it on a time limit - get points for winning, points mean 13* weapon prizes), and a new AC Scratch (Big ol' knight outfits and slutty chair dance emotes).

Finally: Use a group chat by 7/7 to get a Mag Device that changes it into a Mega Drive.



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How large are the updates on PC supposed to be? It feels like the entire game is constantly being redownloaded - 94 thousand files according to the Tweaker, which I installed because it felt like the Windows Store was doing the exact same thing.


Something's messed up, here.

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2 hours ago, Kayin Amoh said:

How large are the updates on PC supposed to be? It feels like the entire game is constantly being redownloaded - 94 thousand files according to the Tweaker, which I installed because it felt like the Windows Store was doing the exact same thing.


Something's messed up, here.


It's a known issue, sometimes you'll just get the update, sometimes it'll redownload the whole fucking thing regardless of whether you're using the Windows store download or the Tweaker.

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32 minutes ago, wev said:


It's a known issue, sometimes you'll just get the update, sometimes it'll redownload the whole fucking thing regardless of whether you're using the Windows store download or the Tweaker.


Oh dear. First time I noticed this was when I told a bud to update and he was finished in about five minutes after I'd been waiting an hour. 


What a mess.

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Yeah, that's absolutely a full game download - the most recent update was something like a hundred meg or so, or at the very least something where the file verification took longer than the download. Something broke, I guess.

If you're constantly having to download, sounds like the file permissions set by Windows Store are fucked. I'd recommend using the tweaker as an easy out - Personally, because my download is on another drive along with a bunch of XBox Game Pass stuff I couldn't access, I used a linux distro to wholesale nuke the entire apps folder. But that's obviously.. the nuclear option, so to speak.

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I've had a ton of problems with the Windows Store  / Games Pass PC. After deleting Halo and PSO2 both games... magically maintained their presence on my PC, eating up well over a hundred gigs of space for several days before they randomly relinquished their grasp on my HD.


I dunno what the deal is. I swapped off the Windows Store PSO2 and downloaded via the tweaker hoping to avoid repeat occurrences of downloading the entire game again, but it's doing the exact same thing when pretty much any update rolls around. Instead of downloading, say, 100 meg, it decides that a 80+ GB download will be just the ticket, and that I won't mind wasting an entire day and night for it to complete every week or two.


I'll have to get to the bottom of this soon, it's driving me nuts. This is the first update since swapping to the tweaker, and after clicking on 'update' it gave me the warning that it was about to download and validate nearly all the game files again. It wasn't kidding. 94 thousand of the buggers.

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I'd have a look with TreeSize to see what the WindowsApps folder is really doing.

As it turns out, to check if it can actually let me access the WindowsApps folder with TreeSize, I found out I've got two additional copies of the game on my drive:


Note: I'm still using the Windows version until it dies again. I've had the one full reinstall since the game started, due to selecting 'No' during the Windows UAC dialogue.

My guess is that the tweaker is trying to provide a fresh copy of the game after being referred to one of the scuffed copies. After that and it saves it somewhere that doesn't require a billion weird admin requirements, it shouldn't be bothered grabbing another copy providing its ran through the tweaker every time. But if it is, something's definitely up with where it's being pointed to.

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Just gave it a run over. I actually did this with the Windows store version, which resulted in two copies of the game, like yours. 


The Tweaker download's just overwritten the original install. Still hugely inconvenient due to the download size, but at least I'm not having a massive chunk of my HD eaten up to boot.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Big Maintenance happened, here's what's added:



New Campaigns:

Login Campaign - Get EXP Tickets! (7/8)

ARKS Boost Rally (7/8)

Clear Story Quests (7/8)

Quest Trigger Distribution - Destroyer: Barren Blossom (7/8)

Mission Pass Play (7/8)


New Content:

AC Scratch Ticket: Silken Dreams

FUN Scratch Ticket: July 2020 - Part 1

New Fresh Finds Shop Offerings

New Urgent Quest Schedule

New Mission Pass Season


Addressed Issues:

Some Braver and Bouncer skill names will be revised to become consistent with other skill names in the game.

Braver's "Dodge" should be "Sidestep"

Braver's "Dodge Attack" should be "Sidestep Strike"

Braver's "Advanced Dodge" should be "Sidestep Plus"

Bouncer's "Dodge Attack" should be "Sidestep Strike"

Bouncer's "Advanced Dodge" should be "Sidestep Plus"

- Login Campaign is log in five times over the next week, and you'll get 1 million exp in tickets - 100k each day, and then an extra five on the fifth day.
- Season 5 of the Mission Pass includes cosmetics from Season 1, which was X-Box only.
- The Urgent Quest schedule includes Barren Blossom, which is the fight against Dark Falz Gemini (known as Falz Double on JP). this is the Urgent Quest before Profound Darkness, which is the last boss fight in Episode 3, so it lines up with the Episode 4 release in August.

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  • 3 weeks later...

As seen on the XBox Showcase, just the JP Version of the trailer.

Confirms that New Genesis covers all ongoing versions after the Vita's binned off (PS4, Cloud, X-Box, PC). Engine/Graphics overhaul for 2021.

Hopefully pole dancing emotes still work!

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1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

Coming to Switch in Japan, innit?

Also what if they bin off Chair Dance? That's 19m you're not getting back.

That's the 'Cloud' version, which is already available. The Switch version is basically a cloud streamed feed from a remote server. It's also shit.

Emotes are confirmed as shared between PSO2 and NGS. Chair Dance is saved! And with Meseta/FUN not transferring to NGS, it's not just saved, it's PEAK PERFORMANCE.


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Not officially yet - It's already rated by PEGI, so I don't think it's down to European regulations that there's no WW launch yet. You can download and play by changing an option on your computer or X-Box, mind.

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In all honesty, if you're expecting a time sink where you'll get super involved with one class for several thousand hours, this ain't it champ. After the levelling experience, your main loop of doing all the weekly stuff will take up the grand total of half an hour, three times a week.

It is, however, fun as shit to play in virtue of it being infinitely more tactile than original PSO - Similar to comparing Monster Hunter: World to original MonHun. Levelling becomes less about 'Hey let's grind out the same class combo for a month' to 'Maybe I should just have another go with Braver and use the katana, I never got on with it but oh my god the parry does more damage than any actual attack why didn't I play this sooner'.

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8 minutes ago, tnman said:


It is now! :omg:


Downloading this now, how do I make friends?

At the moment, we're not sure :D While it was MS Store/X-Box only, it was linked to your actual gamertag's friend list. With Steam implementation, there's supposed to be a more 'Universal' friends list implemented. But we don't know how it works at the moment as it's new to everyone when the servers are back online!

Of course, there's also the Alliance list, and we also have a discord listed in the first post.

We play on Ship 2, however please be aware that I'm expecting the servers to be.. oversubscribed, to say the least, throughout the next week. The servers got hammered to capacity when the MS Store version arrived, and that was on a platform/storefront that people despised, or couldn't access. Support for 33 extra companies on the largest PC storefront isn't going to be pretty on a F2P game! 

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Alright, so it looks like there's now a universal friends list just for PSO2.

When you're settled into Ship 2 (Don't forget to follow your Arks Missions and Koffie!), you'll see in the town area there's a pink terminal (it's called a Visiphone).

There's an option called 'Arks Search'. Search for my name, it should be the same as on here. If you want to check that it's me, you should be able to see something called a Lookbook - If you see a large red robot gyrating like a dickhead, that's me.

in the same menu, you should be able to send me a friend request. When you do, it'll ask you to send a message, and has a generic 'Let's be friends!' comment. If you could kindly add to the end of that message who you are on the forum, that'll be much appreciated, otherwise I'll be scratching my head over who it is.

When I see the friend request, I'll send you an invite to the Alliance and/or add you as a member accordingly. after you've joined, you can use the Alliance menu to see who's online and message them directly!

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