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Best game trailers and intros


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1 hour ago, teddymeow said:


Doo doo doo doo.

Doo doo doo doo!!



Great intro. Reminds of the day I got a PS2 pack and set it up and this was the first thing I put in. Mind blown. Love the Feeder song too. Ended up listening to a fair bit of Feeder since! 


Intro's to GT games have always being great IMHO. Loved the GT6 one with the tribute to Senna too....which also had one of my favourite classical pieces on it too. Awesome stuff.



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is it just me? I feel like trailers and intros ought to be split out as they're not the same thing are they.


anyway -


trailer?  yeah the big MGS2 one @Parappa just posted.  Changed videogames and their promotion forever.


intro?  obvs it's the one for vagrant story.  still perhaps the best cutscene direction ever, with the best bit being the music scoring that changes depending on when the player chooses to advance text etc.


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