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Watching Classic Football Matches

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So me and my fiancee had honestly been talking about doing this before everything went crazy and football got cancelled: That we should try to dig out some classic matches.


I am "new" to football in so far as I used to just occasionally pay attention to a world cup, but otherwise ignore what was going on. But now she got me into it and we were watching quite a lot, quite regularly. And as we were talking we thought it'd be interesting to see some players of yesteryear - the ones who might now be pundits and managers. Especially since there are so many seasons that passed me by.


and also she thought it'd be nice for us to watch some games where, for example Newcastle United had Shearer, were fun to watch and not painful like now.


Or some really classic matches from the 70s where the footballers ran around with pints of bitter in their hands.


There's never been a better time to kick this plan into action, but where to start?


I found this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkF1mHaQFHn1sqmgZmlG9AA which has a load of euros. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions.


Something that's a little irritating is a few Youtube matches will have the final scores on the title - but I want to not know who wins to get a bit more of  Ideally someone's got an archive of previous a Euros tournament in its entirety, for me it'd be like it never got cancelled...



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Try FIFA's iconic World Cup matches - they have entire matches on there.  One match from every World Cup from 1982.


As an aside, tell me when you watch 2010 - Uruguay v Ghana - what did you think?  You'll know what I'm on about when you've watched it - you have to watch every single minute of it to know why football can sometimes be the most glorious and shittiest spectacle at the same time.


England's YouTube channel has a playlist of full matches... well only one though, and that's actually a scheduled broadcast (tonight at 2000) of England v Italy from Le Tounoi de France.


Slightly on the dodgy side, this site has a list of recent-ish iconic games, from Champions League to World Cup to women's World Cup, La Liga, Premier League.

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I watched Newcastle United 4 West Ham 0 from 1986 as I wanted to watch Frank McAvennie.  Now West Ham started OK with Mark Ward causing problems and McAvennie played well in the first 20 minutes.  The standard soon dropped to what I can only describe as hoof ball.  League 2 is a miles better standard than the 1986 top flight.  Beardsley was playing for Newcastle (he had a poor game in this one even though Newcastle won) and the amount of loose passes that were made in this game by all players would have the Match of The Day pundits in the throes of agony. 

The only player I'd say would make it now would be George Parris, West Ham's athletic left back.  The rest were awful.  It was honestly that bad.

I'm going to watch some early 90s games to see just when the game started to improve and become what we know now.  I expect it's when teams started getting paid big money and footballers started to train every day and when clubs started employing lots of coaches, nutritionists and the top flight sides started buying in players from Europe.

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Yeah, late 90s definitely.  I was watching highlights of Burnley getting out of Divisions Four and to be honest, it was aimless hoofball*.  There was some tactical structure to it, a little bit but not much.  Although given the state of pitches, any team trying to play it on the ground would largely have got creamed.


*I know, I know, nothing's changed etc and so forth.

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You need to watch at least one El Clasico, Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Featuring possibly the two greatest players to ever play the game (imo there's no doubt Messi is the greatest of all time, and Cristiano Ronaldo is probably no. 2). Also the Barcelona teams around this time featuring the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Pique etc are possibly the greatest club team to ever play the game.


Here's a link to one from 2010. If you cover up the bottom left of the screen you'll hide the score, if you maximise the video immediately it'll be spoiler free.


Here's another link to excellent El Clasico from 2014. Again, the score is in the title, so use the same method.



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