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Shinsekai: Into the Depths - stunning (new) metroidvania game

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Just chiming in with the love for this game - bought it after seeing this thread and it's a cracking recommendation. :wub:


Pretty much agree with everything that's been said, it has a wonderful atmosphere and the animation really is cool.


With this and Obra Dinn (also great), the Switch has seen me through this "isolation period" rather well. :)

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Well that was amazing. Comfortably the best metroidvania I've played (although to be fair I haven't played that many of the genre).


Apart from the shit-cunt final boss. I have no idea what I'm even supposed to be doing. I've watched youtube videos of people doing it on iOS and it mostly seems to be people chipping away at it's health incredibly slowly over the space of ten minutes.


Unless I can find an actual guide as to what you're supposed to be doing then I don't think I'll bother. I have no idea why developers insist on ruining perfectly good exploration games with boss battles. It's like the FA deciding that the best way to finish all football matches would be with a game of snooker.


Although to their credit, at least you get an actual ending if you fail.


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Yeah, the last boss is a real cunt of a difficulty spike. Dunno what they were thinking with that one, and I say that as a massive fan of the game.

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