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AC:NH Trading Post

Jamie John

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1 hour ago, Lyrical Donut said:

Yeah, that's fine. You wanted the basement table and the black springy ride on swap, correct?

Left bells for mahjong arcade and white pinball machine please. Black springy on swaps yes. Thanks.

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2 hours ago, Alan Stock said:

@StumpyJohn thanks for the triceratops cut out, you actually sent 2 so I can return one if you want?


I can build ironwood wardrobe and chopping board, not sure what mats they need offhand but happy to make.

sorry, it was late but sure i only sent it once.  An ironwood wardrobe would be nice if thats ok



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1 hour ago, Kryptonian said:

My wife would like a few different colours of roses, would anyone be able to help her out please?


Her code is 1818-7903-2493 If anyone wants to add her..


1 hour ago, hushnecampus said:

I also roses would like!

I can bring over and plant red, white and yellow roses that I have spare if you open for visitors

@hushnecampus I dont think we are friends so either dodo or send me a req first 3715-5707-3301



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16 minutes ago, Kryptonian said:

Cheers, it’s open now. Feel free to put them in the first bit of grass out of the airport if that’s ok? Would you like something in return?

I got a new recipe from Sandy so a good visit.  Included an orange rose too as have a few of those now


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5 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

I've got a few of those for sure. Any priorities? I can do 

  Reveal hidden contents

Foosball table

Train set

Autograph cards



The cards, any/all version and the blue version of the table would be my priorities.


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I'm not sitting on spare fossils at this point (although I'll see what we get tomorrow) but I have the following, none of which quite fit your asks:


Breaker panel

Intercom panel

Apple TV (a small TV shaped like an apple, not a fancy streaming box)

High end stereo

Modern office desk

Modern office chair

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