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Couldn’t find a dedicated thread for the first Castlevania on the NES/FC so here it is.


I played through the NES version a few years back on an emulator with save states and a rewind option. I really enjoyed it, but still found it very hard towards the end (especially the boss fight with death and the corridor leading up to it). Yesterday, I fired up the Japanese version of Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Switch and was surprised to find an Easy Mode option! I took it gratefully and completed the game in one sitting. You take less damage, don’t get knocked back and retain power ups when switching sub weapons.


I still think it’s head and shoulders above most of the other NES games I’ve gone back to. The visual design and consistency of the architecture etc. is second to none. The colour palettes, whilst a bit garish in places, are really well utilised. The music is excellent too, but that almost goes without saying!


This morning I read Jeremy Parish’s anatomy of games article on the game, which is good but not as in depth as I remembered. I would love to read any other analysis of the game, particularly about the use of colour palettes or music composition, if anybody has any good links they could share.


Here’s the Anatomy of Games archive index:




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