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Mortal Shell | Souls-esque Action RPG


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I thought I'd posted in this thread after finishing the game but obviously not. I wrapped it up a good while ago, before any DLC etc, and enjoyed my time with it but unless I missed something it was pretty short. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about 8-10 hour games but this sort of finished when it was just getting going.


I enjoyed it at the time but it could have done with one more world/level/biome (bleurgh). Maybe I missed something after the ending or it needed multiple playthroughs to unlock other content, or perhaps they've beefed it up with new stuff since I finished.


Enjoyable but brief for a game of this type.

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On 27/11/2021 at 12:12, Lovelyman said:

I keep trying to play this and can't find where I'm supposed to go at all. The hub area doesn't have much in the way of recognisable waypoints so I end up wandering aimlessly, making a bit of progress then dying and giving up. 


The opening area is not the best, very easy to lose your bearings and get lost, its too open.  I bounced off it the first time and only came back months later where the combat grew on me. 

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On 25/11/2021 at 19:57, Jamie John said:


This is still in its plastic wrap on my shelf 🥲


Ten months later, this remains in its plastic wrap, and likely will for a long while yet, seeing as it's now on Game Pass. 🥲


I played the GP version for half an hour this evening, however, and it seems...not good. It looks like arse and feels like it too. It's going to be difficult to play these sorts of Souls-likes in a post-Elden Ring world.


I'll try it again tomorrow. There seem to be quite a few mechanics that I've missed the explanations for, however. Is there a tutorial area? I turned it off a moment ago after getting lost in a poison swamp and then dying when a load of blokes came along and ganked me.

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Tried again for 45 mins or so this evening, but no, not for me, sadly.


I defeated the boss in the opening hub area (the werewolf bear thing with big hand spikes), but I can't be done with getting stuck on the scenery, enemies popping in from nowhere, and just the general grunginess to everything. A pretty game this ain't, and there's just a certain level of precision to the combat that this lacks compares with Souls, enough to make a big difference. I'm not sure why they thought having a poison swamp as your initial area would be a good idea, either.


 Sorry game. I tried.

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