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Nate Dogg is leaving Edge

Alex W.

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Yeah best of luck Nate, as others have said, it’s been a great run and my personal favourite “era” of Edge.


As most websites just chase news headlines nowadays, Edge has been the only place to stop, think and take a look at the wider industry.

Stuff like analysis of the big company strategies, articles that paint a picture of what it’s like to work at both big and small studios and the great interviews with devs going over their personal CV’s, there really is nothing else like it out there and I really hope it carries on much the same. 

Good luck being a pro Puzzles and Dragons player on Twitch!


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its been 2 years and... 3 weeks since I cancelled by edge subscription. After... when was issue 20?


but that was on me, and not a reflection on the editor 


sorry, sounthing gane up. My dinner as it happens... anyway I was going to say that by my reckoning @Nate Dogg III’s editorial tenure coincided with the most accessible the magazine had ever been. Gone was the “future of videogame entertainment”, the tech nerd idolisation of “graphics to die for” And it also swept aside the dry navel-gazing of the “are video games art?” era of the magazine, with polemic, and editorials, and opinion pieces.


anyway, what I wanted to say before the interruption is that one day,

your stewardship of Edge will be looked upon as among the best since Tony Mott, and I can’t think of a any higher praise.



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