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1 minute ago, b00dles said:

Not checked it yet tbh but they always seem to take the piss and I'd rather give some business to my local islanders, not to mention the airport tax/ handlers fee :P


I'm going to risk waiting for some other prices if that doesn't make me sound too ungrateful? I may well ask to pop over this evening though if that's not too much of a piss take? I'm ostensibly meant to be working for one thing...

No not a piss take at all :) I can open later if need be, no worries :D 

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Hello again, I ended up being distracted playing gtav with a mate so I've still got a whole pocket load of nips that nook is buying for 52 bells, the cheeky raccoon bastard. 


If anyone could be so kind as to ask their own nook to check, basically anything above 97 bells and I'll be happy. 


Thanks much!

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