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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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13 minutes ago, spanx said:

@Popo Not that I can think of. Cold hard currency is always appreciated


Got disconnected before dropping off your tip and the dodo code do-don’t work, happy to pop back in any time to pay you!

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1 minute ago, Danster said:

Are Phil, Andy and Lee ever going to leave SummerIsle.... :(


Sorry, (I'm Lee), doing my second trip just now just be a min, could do with another for the missus's turnips but will leave Q and join again. Phil has been there since the start so figure they just didnt leave Q.

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7 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

I may have to do this in batches.


Use the Turnip Exchange site and set it to private. A much better experience all round and you don't have to worry about tracking batches etc.

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1 hour ago, Exidor said:

476 here this afternoon. It's open now via https://turnip.exchange/island/89cb585f if anyone wants in. No tip necessary but I'd appreciate having the flowers left of Nook's watered. Also looking for any of these - deinony tail, diplo neck, left quetzal wing, t rex torso, stego skull.


I'll be afk working so no monkey business please.


Thanks dude! Left you a tip by your beach chairs :)


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