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2 hours ago, Exidor said:

476 here this afternoon. It's open now via https://turnip.exchange/island/89cb585f if anyone wants in. No tip necessary but I'd appreciate having the flowers left of Nook's watered. Also looking for any of these - deinony tail, diplo neck, left quetzal wing, t rex torso, stego skull.


I'll be afk working so no monkey business please.



Looks like the connection's dropped now but there was no one in the queue and I think everyone had finished. Let me know if you want on and I'll open up again later.

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14 minutes ago, spanx said:

I’ve just closed and opened again with a new code



Is this just for friends? My friend would love to sell her nips at a high price! She won’t trample your flowers I promise.

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14 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

OK, seems like demand has been met and the island of San Dimas is quiet once again. Feel free to share the code with friends/family. Tips welcome!


Thanks for that.

 I don’t really go too nuts buying turnips, left a little tip.

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9 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

New Dodo Code.



Turnips bought at b512 in sunny San Dimas.


Can my son come over as well please? Will make sure he tips you. 


Edit: I actually left you some extra just in case. 

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