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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange

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26 minutes ago, retroed said:


Haha. :lol:


LOL at your parrot guy having 3 racecar beds!

(All I have is a terrifying gorilla man who gifted me a gravestone on his second day!)


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2 minutes ago, Rayn said:

Christ, I went to sell around 1000 nips myself, @ilpostino. You're getting hammered atm :lol: 


Yep, I wasn't paying attention when AFK and invited a couple too many people. Settling down now - will get to the other invites soon.

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1 minute ago, MrPogo said:

Yeah. I’ll be going running in a bit and leaving it open, so will be going for at least an hour as long as it doesn’t lock itself or something if left for too long.

Change your sleep settings to keep it awake.

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