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6 hours ago, cowfields said:

Can someone answer a stupid question I could probably Google?


Using turnipprophet.io, How come people are so certain about the future based on only the sale price, last week and current am price? Is it that the buy price defines the week ahead?


I ask because on what I've punched in it says I'm either getting a large spike, small spike, or decreasing (which is the uncertainty i'd expect).


My hope is that this week a big sale will get me the last miles achievement, pay off my last mortgage, and I can maybe give up the ol' 'nip game for a while. I find it weirdly stressful, despite the fact that the kind will of people here hasn't actually made me a loss yet, so I don't really know why I'm fretting!


As I understand it the prices follow certain patterns, so the predictions are based on either past information gathered from thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people OR it's following the information that was gathered to make these





this is me just having a logical stab in the dark.



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1 hour ago, PaulM said:

I think for New Horizons someone did some reverse engineering:

It's linked at the bottom of turnip prophet.  I don't pretend to understand it though! 


Yep New Horizons is based on the actual C code from the game. Therefore entirely accurate. Hence when it says it cannot tell you then it's either a bug or your data is wrong.

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Currently looking at a theoretical high on Thursday afternoon, after banging in the last three results on Nooknet. Looking at Moose's guide above, it's either the latter two models -I'm expecting the third graph again.


Lord knows I need the fourth graph after putting the down payment on my fourth room, however. I totally needed it to house a boxing ring, honest.


Edit - after Tues PM value, I'm deffo looking at the standard spike (Moose graph no. 3), so roughly 200 bells avg. on my island by Thursday.

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Thanks Spleen and the small part of your island that I saw was very nice. I expect to be called back into work soon at which point I won't have time for the Stalk Market so I'm building up my bells reserve to finally model an island that justifies the number of hours I've put into the game. 

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3 minutes ago, Mortis said:

If you can add me And the wife please @Spleen we have a bundle of nips to cash in. 




 thank you :)


2 minutes ago, PaulM said:

I'd love to get in on this turnip selling action if possible, plus then I'll have switch friends! ^_^ I'm SW-0930-0451-9332.


I'll add you on a bit. No worries. 

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