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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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Just now, cowfields said:

And meeeeee....for the first time the calculator was guaranteeing a spike this afternoon. But it was 288 which is anticlimatic. Damn you nooks.

had the same, had 300 ish this morning, waited for the pm price and...... 189...

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29 minutes ago, Mugman said:

Turnip exchange code is ece12919. Hopefully won't be too busy, get involved!

Thank you. I left 99k bells, and would have posted on your board, but the constant flow of visitors coming and going made it impossible!

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2 minutes ago, probotector said:

Sold and made £2m and tip left but it looks like your island has crashed so couldn’t make a 2nd round :p 


do you mean with interference? It did that for me for like 5-10 minutes before it let me in (i only just left the island)

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17 minutes ago, Distinct muttering said:

Yeah cheers Mugman, I left you two loads of 99k at your feet (I assume it was you with the bag over your head).  Im hoping I now have enough cash that I dont need to bother with this crazy merry go round for a good long while.


Yeah right, see you all next week.:omg:


Yeah, currently roleplaying as Elvis trying to keep his identity secret. 


Thankyouverymuch. For the tip. 




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1 hour ago, psycho_fox said:

Got 564 at Overlook. First time I’ve had a decent price! Turnip exchange code is a5b15fdd. 
2 at a time as that worked well visiting Laines yesterday. Shop is up and right from the airport. 


I take it your Island isn't open any more? Turnip Exchange doesn't seem to be able to find it.

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