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Just joined the queue with my gf too if that's alright. I only have 10 stacks of them but she's got a full inventory nearly I think. I'll check my fossils for what you need too, but I'm 10th so I'm sure you'll get them by then haha. Thanks for opening!

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4 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


Sorry to be that guy will you be open this evening? Bit pushed for time today.


Yeah, can't see why not. I'll try to keep open as long as my kids and their lust for Minecraft permits.

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38 minutes ago, andyw said:


Thanks for the offer. A peach would be much appreciated as that's the only one we're missing. I think there are four fossils that I'm still to get: Plesio Neck, Megacero Torso, Dinosaur Track, Dimetrodon Tail. Any of those would be great too but feel free to leave whatever you like or nothing at all.


I have the megacero torso and the dinosaur tail to drop off for you, 9 peaches too! :)


Edit - Someone else had left those exact two fossils so just left you the peaches and a tip! Thanks :) 

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11 minutes ago, SteveH said:

@andywThanks so much! Left you tips for both my visits (I left and re-joined the queue :) ) I do hope that was you in the leather flying cap, and not some stranger nicking the tips? :) 


:lol: Yeah, that was me. Thanks!

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