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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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3 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:

Later is fine @spanx. I misread your post, and sent you the code for now, but message me later and we'll open again if we're not already.

Hey dude. I know it’s late but if you’re still open let me know a code. If not no worries!


Much obliged. :)

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7 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:

We've got 598 for turnips this afternoon. I'm working, but my wife will be open a lot. PM me and I'll send the Dodo in the order the messages come in.

Only just seen this, would also like a code if not too late?  Thanks

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12 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:

Think it just rolled over. Sorry.

You’re a gent for throwing doors open at last minute! 

if anybody has 500+ today let me know and I can leave a nice tip. X. 


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‘nips are going for 423 now in Gotham. Don’t judge, it is a little after 8am on Thursday morning there as with work I would have missed out on a large spike otherwise.


Kicks is here, anything left in the shop is fair game, and there are some free DIY recipes on the bottom left beach below my crafting area.  The code is: MJQTN.

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11 minutes ago, stoofle said:

617 bells in Nocoshima this morning. Will try and stay open as much as I can. 4Q6VV

Thanks for that Stoo. I didn’t want to be rude by not saying hi or anything but thought it was best to charge in and out as quick as possible before the onslaught of visitors began. Dropped you a tip at your feet, as I’m sure you saw.

Thanks for opening, hope I can come back to explore one day :)

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