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13 hours ago, Flub said:

Mine is looking a bit weird.



I suspect this is because you could be on one of 2/3 patterns. Your data matches the decreasing, small and large spikes.


While I much prefer the graphical site this comes from it can be confusing in these cases because it’s merging multiple models. I think they could improve it by separating the graphs for each model (probably optionally) to to more clearly indicate that you have a 1/3rd chance of the massive profit pattern (and then not guaranteed 400+).


You can use the much harder to read version here to see what patterns your data matches https://turnipprophet.io/index.html

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53 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:

Yeah. That combination makes for a very unknown future. Could be massive but most likely you have to sell elsewhere to be safe.


Already sold mine yesterday via Resetera. Ended up with about 4 million :)

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