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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange

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Amazing. Myself and my daughter have both visited and left tip. 

I’m just trying to get my son if you’re still open. Should be 10 mins or so. 

You’re amazing. Lovely looking island too. Thanks. 

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Predictor sites are reckoning there's 100% chance of a large spike on mine this afternoon - min 202 -> max 606 if anyone is stuck trying to get rid later..

Will update at lunchtime..


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1 hour ago, ben-k said:

I’m in my second week in the turnips game, and I’ve got screwed for the second week in a row. Don’t suppose anyone has got prices above 100 this morning do they?


192 OK for you? Gates open with Dodo 5R7KC if you want.


Please mind the flowers :hat:

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Gah, I decided to buy a few nips this week as I’ve spent a couple million bells over the last few weeks. According to turnip prophet I’ve a potential maximum of 180 bells this week :( 

Crossing my fingers that someone on here gets a better deal.

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