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On 17/01/2021 at 17:56, NexivRed said:

I need a bit of help from digital artists. 

My partner has an Adobe account, and I’ve been trying out a couple of the programs on the iPad. 
I ditched Photoshop because it didn’t have the ability to lock transparent pixels and/or a magic wand tool. Really fucking annoying. 

So I’ve been using Fresco, as that at least has the former. And I also enjoyed the live brushes for a while, although I’m not too sure I fully understand how the watercolour one works. It’s very, very wet. 

Anyway, I was hoping to use just the basic paint brush to colour this next project, and then blend the colours together. As the oil live brush (which I’ve been using up till now), has a horrible tendency to create bright edges when you erase or blend. It was doing my head in. 

However, the smudge tool is doing what the smudge tool always does, and is creating over exposed looking extra colours when trying to blend. 

Is there a photoshop program for the iPad where I could take this image and blend the colours into one another nicely?



ArtRage might be perfect for this. When you import a picture in it converts the pixels to move able paint and the pallette knife would blend it like a boss :)



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I bought the cut down version of Clip Studio and have been messing about doing sketches and trying to find a work flow.


The drawing side of things and the way it handles brushes is so much better than Photoshop, but everything else (filters, selections and editing, layer handling etc.) just sucks in comparison. Maybe the full fat version is better...


Meanwhile I bit the bullet and updated my Wacom drivers and Photoshop to the latest version and it worked perfectly... for 24 hours. Now it's back to the same old Windows Ink conflict / no pen pressure issue. How is it possible that between the world's most popular OS, the industry standard software and the most widely used tablet brand this problem has persisted for about 5 years across countless OS, app and driver updates with each of the three parties continuously passing the buck ("update your drivers", "blank your preferences", "it's a problem with Windows, nothing to do with us") and yet the same problem doesn't exist with other paint programs?


Fucking Photoshop.


Here's the Clip Studio sketches anyway, it's a joy to draw with, I just wish everything else was a bit better.


EDIT: Edited the Photoshop user config file to not use Windows Ink for drawing. Working nice and smooth again. Why does drawing fine lines on a zoomed out canvas look like shit now though? Check preferences. Oh, they've taken out legacy compositing permanently. So I guess it just looks like shit until I buy a higher resolution monitor... Apologies for all the ranting but... why? Why do they do these things!?





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I've been wondering the same thing since the latest CC update apparently fucked up a few things (not that I've had the time to experience this for myself).


Besides which, with the tablet market getting increasingly competitive you'd think there'd be even more need to implement a good standardised system, right? Less variables the better, and all that.

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I've got one. I found it worked fine and was using the free "Krita" software package for some reasonable results.

But, as i'm old and have spent a lifetime looking at my hand on the piece of paper, having a tablet was a bit of a mental headfuck, unless the tablet was close to the monitor and in exactly the same orientation as monitor. Drawing a straight freehand line was for me, almost impossible.


So I went to a Wacom Cintiq 16 graphics tablet  and found it much better. But It did cost a lot of money. But it's worth every penny as far as i'm concerned.


But for £50 those little Intuos tablets work really well and give you a flavour of what's possible with digital art.

Yes, avoid the Bluetooth version. and try out a few software packages, they all do much the same but they do it differently.

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