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That GoldenEye secret level


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It's mental the things you can find in Goldeneye with an action replay. I often wonder if all games have such remaining bits and bobs left on the released version but it's only Goldeneye which has such a strong following to uncover them. Perhaps?

Dont know, but i like to think that there's a super secret hidden level in Mario 64 still waiting to be uncovered and the first one to find it gets a personal meeting with Myamoto san, and is left to run Nintendo....

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The later action replays for the n64/psx let you create your own cheats, they'd go through the code and find all kinds of variables and change/access them. Im guessing these people have used a rom dump and looked through it for stuff like the level names ect and followed the bread crums to find the level.

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I thought this was quite old, certainly the existence of Citadel anyway?

There's no date on the http://goldeneye.detstar.com/citadelfound/index.asp site is there - I'm sure this can't be that new, I remember it from my first year of Uni in 1998. As I say though, it could be just that references to it had been found in the GE code as opposed to the level itself.

Edit - yeah, after reading it properly, they knew it was there at some point but have only just 'unlocked' it.

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ah youv'e just brought back the memorys of inputing lines of hex. I liked the mariokart64 feather powerup cheat, I remember messing around with it and getting insane laptimes. Another thing I've just thought is that datel have basicly cracked the protection to run unorthorised code on so many systems, ps2, gc etc.. what mad skills they have, its good they don't use it for nefarious uses as they could really cripple a console maker if they were that way inclined.

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