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Like the scene at the end of Carrie I'm resurrecting this thread (appropriately enough) to give my Call Of Cthulhu thoughts on a year of online play, and the scenarios I've tackled.


I gave my thoughts on the Starter Set (earlier in this thread) which contains three scenarios; but here are some one-line (spoiler-free) assessments/summaries.


Paper Chase (Starter Set) [I GM'd] - A reclusive professor was missing, and some of his books appeared to have been stolen from his library.  A nice simple intro, designed for one-keeper, one investigator play but easily can be adapted to more investigators.


* Edge of Darkness (Starter Set) [I GM'd] - The investigators fulfilled the wish of a dying friend in attempt to try to undo the mistakes of his youthful past.  An excellent adventure that really ramps up the feeling of freedom for the investigators.


* Dead Man Stomp (Starter Set) [I GM'd] - 1920s Harlem and hot jazz music served as a backdrop to another excellent adventure - where the n.p.c.s can be as frightening as any monsters.  It also allows the players to tackle some sensitive issues around race in that setting, which adds a poignancy of the scenario.


All told: The Starter Set scenarios (EoD and DMS) are excellent.  And PC is also nice, but probably more suited to beginners (players and investigators).


Amidst The Ancient Trees (Keepers’ Rulebook) [I GM'd] – The daughter of a local industrialist has been kidnapped and the ransom payoff went horribly wrong.  A good hook and straight in, but favours investigators who are slightly less cautious, or it could drag a bit.


* Missed Dues (Keepers’ Screen) [I was an investigator, and then later, I GM'd it with a different group] – After a bundled heist, Investigators (all low ranking mobsters) are caught up in something weirder and deadlier than the prohibition drink smuggling they're used to.  After a masterclass in GMing here by @Doctor Shark, it was fun to later take this on as GM and steal some ideas.  A good opening hook, that is nicely non-Cthulhu which worked excellently with some new players to CoC).


The Darkness Beneath the Hill (Doors To Darkness) [I was an investigator] - A friend in Providence, Rhode Island asks investigators to help with some tunnels his found whilst renovating his basement.  This is a 'beginner' scenario - and quite dungeon crawl-y (literally in fact).  I enjoyed it, but it was predictable.


Dark Offerings (Miskatonic Repository, independent by Rob Leigh) [I GM'd] – A friend's daughter has joined a hippy cult, and investigators are brought in to track her down.  An interesting modern day scenario.  My players initially struggled with the modern setting (I set it in 2004, but they almost resisted using their non-smart phones, or the internet).  Perhaps ran a little 'long' as they cautiously toured the British Isles; but a good final act and some major casualties.  Interestingly Whatsapp conversation was about how much they were enjoying visiting pubs and post offices etc, and chatting with locals - and no covid to restrict that.


Genius Loci (Doors To Darkness) [I investigated]  - A letter from an inmate of an Asylum is the launching point for this.  Initially hard to intuit what the players might need to do, leading to a rather long (but thoroughly enjoyable) extended stay in the town of Salem and visiting its varied establishments.  My (very frazzled) GM told me afterwards he was inventing businesses and plot pointers left right and centre, but as a player it didn't show.  Our game had an amazing pulpy ending, when escaping from police pursuit in a light aircraft (I'm not spoiling anything there, I doubt anyone else's game would end thus).  Some criticism online also notes that the investigators can feel a bit lacking guidance, so investigate leading to wander a bit.  Despite that I had an outstanding time, I'm just not sure I'd recommend this scenario unless your keeper is good at thinking on their feet.


* Lights Out (Fear’s Little Needles, Joe Trier, Stygian Fox) [I GM'd] 15 year old Alice Miller went missing, no one knew whether it was just a rebellious teenager phase, or related to her depression since her boyfriend was killed in car accident earlier in the year.  A 'one-shot' (on paper), that took us two shots.  A short scenario - only 3500 words - so the GM is doing some work to fill in the wallpaper, and modern setting (2019 here, so smart phones galore).  I'd recommend this one as a good modern day setting that *doesn't* benefit by crippling the players with them having to investigate in a Faraday cage, and actually encourages the investigators to be using them.  Ours also has some quite unpleasant interactions between characters/npcs that were just borne out of their backstories and relationships.


Also played :

The Great Unwashed [Online convention play... and I don't know where the scenario was from  Not all that memorable, so I'd struggle to recommend one way or the other.  Though I did save the world and sacrifice the others in the party.]


The End Times [Online convention play - End Of TImes Monograph setting - so SciFi ... but ran out of time, and was abandoned after about a month of trying to reschedule, which was disappointing as it appeared to have a good hook... but also had an annoying "gamifying" player who definitely wanted to 'win'.


I've also had played/run:

Ties That Bind (from Doors To Darkness)

Dead Light from Dead Light

Poetry Night * from Fears Sharp Little Needles (my spoiler filled report here)

Unland from Fears Sharp Little Needles

Panacea from Petersen's Abominations.


And am prepping Forget Me Knot from The Things We Leave Behind, so would probably be a bit 'spoilered' if I tried playing this.



I'd highly recommend those I've starred. (But, or course, your play style may favour other settings etc etc.)



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Added some others I've played/run
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On 29/06/2020 at 21:59, Spatial said:

I've had Alone against the Flames sitting here for a bit waiting for me to have some time to give it a run through.


Seems a bit silly saying this when I haven't played the solo adventures that are available yet, but I really wish Chaosium would do more of them.


Over a year later (where did that time go?!) and I've just finished my second stab of Alone Against the Flames, my first attempt being Friday. What a neat way of mixing a Choose Your Own Adventure outing with an introduction to 7th Edition.


No spoilers, but amazingly for anything Cthulhu related I managed to survive the adventure first attempt by totally lucking out, landing an almost impossible roll of smack on 5 with a D100 to pass a Fast Talk check 😅


Second attempt tonight, met a grizzly fate. Fudged it from that point rather than start directly over and managed to escape again on some very lucky rolls.


I've got Alone Against the Dark here which looks like it up's the ante in terms of 7th Edition complexity - can't wait to give it a go!

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