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Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection


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I have a small collection of graphic novels and recently picked up a few DC and Alan Moore classics for the shelf. However having just started Spider-man on the PS4 it's given me Spidey itch to scratch. When I was growing up I read Spider-man comics on and off but never really tracked what I had and hadn't read and I've realised I don't think I've ever read Kraven's Last Hunt or Spider-man Blue (both highly regarded).


I was searching last night and saw the 'Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection' editions by Hachette which looked pretty good and both these titles were available (plus a few others I have in mind for the future). I was just wondering if anyone who has some of these could give me their thoughts on them as an edition?


Is the size/format good? Print quality and stock? Are they exact reproductions of the originals or have they been recoloured/reimagined (like Killing Joke was for example). Would you choose them over the original paperback versions?



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I have one through to 60 of them, well, thats a lie as a couple are missing. They're nice collections actually, especially as they give you some info on the creators and characters' histories in the back. I'd say they're an excellent way to get into comics. Check your local comic shop too if you have one as they may have some lying around that they've reduced the price on.

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