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Hafthor Bjornsson - WR Deadlift Attempt Today at 5pm


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I don't know how that's proof that Thor cheated. They told him not to do it, he did it and they disqualified the reps. He has a known tendency to do it which is probably just force of habit rather than knowingly doing something he knows will make his reps not count.


He's not retired from the sport, just said he will not compete in comps promoted by that guy - which is basically just WSM. WSM is the most backward competition on the planet and it's a wonder why anyone cares about the stupid thing. It's not streamed live and you can't watch it until months after it's finished because of their moronic contracts with TV networks.


The whole thing is stupid and they just want to hype this daft fight that nobody really wants to happen as much as Eddie and Thor, because of how much they'll be getting paid.

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In the absence of a WSM thread - just caught up on the 2020 event and absolutely gutted for Tom Stoltman - but for a couple of mistakes in the medley and Hercules hold he'd have taken the title. In the medley, if he doesn't drop the anvil, he might even have beaten Novikov's time and that'd have been the difference right there.


Maybe next year? Though you imagine Licis and Kieliskowski will be back.

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The Hercules hold really screwed him. Coming 9th was ridiculous.


I found it kinda embarrassing that Novikov won the WSM yet couldn't even lift the 5th Atlas stone!

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It was an odd final all around. Shaw just wasn't at the races (bet Terry Hollands is regretting his gentleman's agreement in the heats), Bishop just isn't big enough (although he beat Stoltman for the British title), and Pritchett and Caron don't have the versatility to take the title. It was Stoltman's to lose so I hope he gets another chance as him and his brother are just lovable big softies :) I can't see the older names coming back so it will be Licis, Kieliskowski, Novikov and Tom Stoltman as the main contenders next year with maybe Singleton if he carries on his progress. The field was very narrow with the number of non-competitors this year so it was nice in a way that it didn't go to one of the many UK or US men. The stupid Atlas stone lift over the head from one of the heats was the most ridiculous event I've ever seen so I'm glad they only did it once.

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I was surprised Caron failed so badly on the log press to be honest. He was looking really strong until the 3rd log.


Would love to have seen Kieliskowski competing this year. His overhead is immense.

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