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19 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

And it's always been my belief that, from an ethical point of view, we're obliged to treat this new breed of "influencers", "Citizen journalists" or whatever they call themselves, the same way we treat "proper" journalists. As long as they hold themselves to the same standards. 




Which very few do.

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19 hours ago, deKay said:



Can’t risk turning it on yet though - everything in the box is wet with condensation 

Cant tell if this is just not great photography or if this looks really awful, like something designed by a manufacturer of cheapo hardware peripherals in the early 90s? Same goes for the picture of the controller bellow!

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It's possibly photography? It's not as "premium" finish as, say, a Switch OLED, but it's way above anything ATGames can do. The design is fine - looks new and old at the same time, which is what it is.


Controller looks awful and way bigger than it needs to be, though, but it's fine to use.

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Had a bad moment setting mine up this morning - the light bar cycled but it stuck on the Blaze logo.


Turned out the USB extension I was using wasn’t letting enough amps through, plugged direct and it all worked.


First impressions are great, excellent interface and the controllers feel good.

Will link my unboxing video when it’s live.

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