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First ever game you ever owned


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I got the C64 Light Fantastic Pack Christmas 89 and I think the first thing I fired up on that was the light gun mixtape of levels from RoboCop, Platoon etc. Batman the Caped Crusader came with that too so let's go with that as first proper game because that was completely Awesome.


First thing I bought with my money was a Zipstick and survived on Zzap/Commodore Format cover tapes.


Great times!

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1 hour ago, Dimahoo said:


first actual console..



Ive looked every so often for the first console me and my brother had, and never been able to find it. Maybe it was this?

im sure it was a grandstand, with a switch on the top to choose between variations of pong. Wikipedia says TV game 2000 or 3000, but they have dials on the controllers, ours definitely had long joysticks like this, but I don’t remember cartridges... so I dunno. 

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A lot of love for Astro Wars here! I also played it too prior to my Master System, but technically it was my mate Richard's older brother's... so definitely breaks my own self-imposed rule about owning it :quote: 


Cracking game though! I eventually did own one in the early 90's that I got from a car boot at the Peterborough Showground for something silly like 50p :) Memories.

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When I was 5, my brother got a spectrum for Christmas, which after a few years he gave to me. I guess the games he gave me with it don't count, so what was the first game I actually bought myself? I can't remember. It would have been on a magazine cover tape.


The first game I can actually remember buying was Batman the Movie. Classic.



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This bad boy was the first game thing I bought after saving up for aaages:




It was amazing. I can still feel the resistance in the stick and the texture of the button some 40 years later.


Then when I got a Speccy for Chrimbo a couple of years after, this was the first game I bought with my pocket money:



It was shite.

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For me it's a tie between Sonic the Hedgehog and F22 Interceptor, along with a Mega Drive to play them on. My dad was into PC flight Sims, which explains the latter, but Sonic was a new thing for both of us. 


I remember that having come from PC games with their keyboards and joysticks, we both assumed the pads were meant to be used flat on a surface. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were far more comfortable to use in my hands. :blush:

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2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

When I was 8 or 9 I "convinced"* my parents that I needed a computer for "homework" and they bought me a Commodire 64! My mum randomly bought a game with it: Psytron.



I was 8 and I had no idea what was going on or what I needed to do. My English also wasn't very good at that point so maybe there were instructions and I missed them.**




Anyway, I played it loads because it was the only game I had but I didn't like it. Thought it was boring. However, at some point I turned the tape over to see what would happen... and it loaded in a different game! Thinking back, it was probably a tech demo or prototype. You were a skater on a BttF like board and you could go either left or right down a set of featureless corridors. And it controlled really well, I remember you could also stick to the ceiling.


I think it must've been a tech demo because the way I recall it there was no title screen, nor any objectives or obstacle or enemies. Just you having fun with the board. For some reason I loved it and played it way more than Psytron!


*Thinking back I'm sure they knew exactly what I was doing but figured a computer by itself would be educational


**Although I also remember playing other games after that on the C64 with text and having zero problems reading the English text...

Second game sounds like Psi-Warrior. I remember really enjoying it, but the guy in this video doesn't seem to be having much fun (from the first few minutes):



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13 minutes ago, MarkN said:

Second game sounds like Psi-Warrior. I remember really enjoying it, but the guy in this video doesn't seem to be having much fun (from the first few minutes):



Thanks, but no that looks quite different. I did always wonder what it was exactly, but even googling for 'Psytron B--side' I only get different games. And since it didn't have a title screen, it just loaded straight into the game, I didn't ever see a name anywhere.

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My first computer was a ZX Spectrum that I inherited with several games, including:






But the first time I owned a new game of my own choice wasn't until some time after I was given a Commodore 64 for Christmas 1992.


That was right at the tail end of the C64's life: it was one of the cartridge slot models, with Terminator 2  on a cartridge alongside an image editing program and a synthesizer/sequencer program called Modern Music Maker. (Knowing what I now know about the awesome might of the SID chip I'm sure it was very powerful, but at the age of 7 I couldn't follow the manual at all, with all its incomprehensible talk of things like ADSR envelopes.)


I had a few C64 games (both legit and pirated) off a friend who'd left his C64 behind for a Mega Drive. But I think during my C64 ownership I only got one game brand new from a shop. What I thought I was buying from Toys R Us was the famous Ghostbusters game I'd played briefly, the one where you spend money to upgrade the Ecto-1. But when I got home, it turned out the game I'd got was...



... The Real Ghostbusters. Which was crap. :(




So I think that has the dubious honour of being the first game that I owned that was bought new from a shop, rather than gifted by a friend or bundled with the computer. :(

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first ever game owned was a handheld and it was CGL Galaxy Invader 1000




I played it so much on Christmas day I drained the batteries dead that day :D



The following Christmas I got a Vic-20 and so my first game I owned on that was




Which I imagine is the case for lots of Vic20 owners :DIt was on a 4 pack tape that came with the machine.


After Xmas I spent my pocket money on games but I cannot truly remember which game was first. It was likely a Mastertronic game which would be either Vegas Jackpot, Duck Shoot, PSycho Shopper, Rockman or Space Scramble. As much as I wish it was Gridrunner or Chariot Race those both were saved up for as they were more than 1.99



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We had an Astro Wars in our house, but I don't recall if it was bought for me or my brother, or even just given to us by another family.


First computer we had was a BBC B, which was the whole family's, so I'm not sure I owned that either. First game we had on it was a bundled Pac-man clone called Snapper.


As for the first game I actually remember buying with my own pocket money, well:

2 hours ago, GamesGamesGames said:

The first game I remember buying with my own cash was...



That for me too.


Pretty sure it's also the first game I ever completed as well.

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First game I remember playing was Prospector Pete on the C16 +4 but my real love of gaming came with the Sega Game Gear with Shinobi, and the master gear adapter with Master System Sonic 1. Beating Shinobi as a kid was an unforgettable moment but Sonic truly captivated me. The music, the speed, the bosses so terrific. That game was really special. 




Still have the original box from back then though the Game Gear died long ago. :(

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For me it was king tut on the commodore vic 20 - was 5 when my parents bought a computer for me thinking that it would be great educational tool - knowing nothing about computers of coarse or that this would start me on life long gaming obsession.  In the bundle of game the first one I played was king tut as cover was very Indiana Jones like 



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Apologies for posting this pic again but I too was a Galaxy Invaders kid.




Although I also had this but I don't know which came first:




Way before those we had a Binatone Pong.


First software would have been Combat on the VCS.

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6 hours ago, Gotters said:

1K chess on the ZX81 as a software purchase - such graphics


dedicated hardcoded single game machines was Astro Wars, which was amazing, I can still here the music and the feel of the left/right stick




6 hours ago, Hylian said:



I really wish I still had it, but I think my mum charity shopped it at some point. One day when I'm feeling a bit silly I'll buy a nice boxed version like this (£100+).


I'd say astro wars was mine, though all my games were jointly owned with siblings as they were so damm expensive. Loved it so much I bought one off eBay about twenty years ago, totally going to dig it out tomorrow after reading this thread. Can't beat that audio. 


Had the same handheld too, sadly sold it on eBay when I was a skint student. 

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Prior to this we had a Pong clone machine, Atari 2600 and my brother had a C64 but then one Christmas I got my own C64 (the one that looked like an Amiga, kind of) with this compilation which was worth it for Wizball and Head Over Heels alone.

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