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Warmth – A New Mix Series

Art Vandelay

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Here's a bit of utterly shameless self-promotion from yours truly. I have started a new mix series which I'll be frequently updating. Completely appreciating there's a lot of people competing for your precious ears, so please don't feel obligated. However, the tunes are nice and it's all mixed live with 99% vinyl records from my collection. I'll be traversing a wide range of genres, so if you're into your jazz of all flavours, lovely soul, warm techno, wild African rhythms, spoken word, assorted weirdness and music from all four corners then maybe you might find something you like. 


There's a few in the can, some interesting people helping in the future and if it floats then a higher purpose too. Namaste.









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Firstly, deep thanks to everyone who listened to the last one and said nice things. It's super appreciated. But watch out, here's another edition. This time focussing on jazz for the dance floor. Sun soaked West Coast vibes, yer man Eddie Jefferson, very fast Brazilian fusion and some Art Blakey you may not have heard. Definitely one for the Rllmuk jazz crew. No obligation, but there if you want it. Peace.







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Thanks again for listening, folks. I've had the day off so popped a few records together again. A scattershot journey through disco, house and techno with some overtly African and jazz vibes and superfluous jungle animal sound effects. All vinyl, all the time.Give it a whirl if you're at a loose end. 





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