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Gunfire Reborn (PC)

Dark Soldier

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Hong Kong developed FPS rogue-like.





Its in Early Access on Steam. It already has so much content.


Random level and enemy layout, with random weapon drops, upgrade paths, scrolls to improve stats/boosts on stats (Ascension trees etc).


Each run you spend 'souls' to improve for each run.


Its an absolute gem and a steal at this price. Its even making me learn m&k (it has controller support also).

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1 hour ago, PK said:

This looks great


It is!


Shooting & movement feels good, and it seems simple but gets quite hectic if you concentrate on one enemy for too long and aren't constantly moving and checking your surroundings. The second zone is a bit of a difficulty spike!

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This is great fun in co-op. We`re still not past 2-4 but every death is because we did something wrong or late, it never feels cheap.


Elemental fusion is a cool system:



Shock + Decay
When you combine Shock and Decay, you get the Miasma EF. Miasma does incredible amounts of DoT which is very strong against red-bar enemies but lacks when it comes to shielded and armored enemies.


Burn + Decay
Combining Decay with Burn damage allows you to create Explosion EF. Explosion, as the name suggests, creates a massive explosion that deals huge damage to all the enemies within the blast radius. However, unlike Miasma, this Elemental Fusion ignores shields as well as armor on enemies and deals the same damage regardless. It is something that I highly recommend using against bosses and to clear adds in an area.


Shock + Burn
The last Elemental Fusion that we have in Gunfire Reborn is called Manipulation and is made by combining Shock with Burn. Applying this Elemental Fusion on an enemy manipulates it into attacking other enemies. This can come in handy when you have to clear an area with a lot of enemies.


You can create the first two as the cat by using your smoke grenade to apply Decay and then whatever elemental gun to add Shock or Burn. The dog can just dual wield guns which have the relevant elemental effect.


We also just realised that when you discard scrolls in co-op they drop on the ground and the other player can pick them up, so you can work together to create some strong character builds for each other.

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Game currently has a very mild discount on Steam right now, and a popular Twitch streamer gave it a go which I saw, so I gave it a punt.

It's a bit good, isn't it? the environments are a bit basic and some of the damage feedback elements could be tweaked (there's been a lot of times where I've sat in an acid pool swarmed with horned beetles and die without realising where the dangers were), but the actual gunplay is top drawer - punchy individual sound effects and hitmarker confirmations means every gun feels solid to fire, and a lot of the current selection are very good at being derivative of popular FPS guns, without going into clone territory - probably helped by the fact that the game is exceptionally light on ADS, outside of the sniper rifle. The Cavalry feels like any good Destiny pulse, except it's all hip fire and it's meaty enough to pop most mobs in a headshot. And in a game where you shoot the thing(tm), having weapons that feel good to fire is exceptionally welcome. Essential, even.

Bit like playing Risk of Rain 2 in early access, really - just give me a bunch more environments and I'll be happy as a pig in shit.

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This game is so broken on Xbox. There's a recurring bug where when you get to the sand level (could be any level transition after a boss) the recoil on automatic weapons is entirely unmanageable. You have to hope a weapon drops so you can switch out and back to the weapon you were using.


Just had one where the right stick stopped working and I couldn't switch weapons. On a boss. And they're the big bugs, there's lots of little ones to do with perks. So frustrating.

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Playing this on Xbox myself and haven't seen these major bugs you mention (yet). I've had plenty of smaller ones, especially crashes. 

The one time I had a big bug (left stick didn't register input) I put the blame on quick resume as it happened just after a quick resume. A restart of the console fixed it. 

I do hope the game gets patched though, as it has a lot of small issues. 

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