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10 hours ago, Dudley said:

Just for clairty, the G2's gonna work with all "SteamVR" right?

I’ve not had any experience with WMR headsets but the G2 had been designed with the involvement of Valve so I’m assuming it should play nice with SteamVR.


There has been a recent update to SteamVR to work with WMR headsets most probably to ensure the G2 works well with steamVR:





Ready for the HP Reverb G2!
This release adds compatibility with HP's upcoming Reverb G2 headset and its updated motion controllers to ensure you have a great experience running SteamVR content on day 1 of your experience with the new headset.

Please try the latest version out and let us know what you think!


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I see the Reverb G2 is going to offer a 60hz mode. Having tried my Rift S with its 30hz reprojection mode on Star Wars Squadrons and being absolutely fine with it*, I feel a Reverb G2 at 60hz and therefore only 60fps will be great for having High settings for graphics at the high resolution of the G2.


Though I have to admit the Quest 2, with that added head strap, has caught my eye. However, I feel the jump in res won't be what I want, and I know the G2 will give me that jump.


*By fine I mean it doesn't make me sick or queasy for extended periods of play. There's too much warping/artifacting at 30hz for my liking.

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saw phasmophiba was on early access on steam so thought id give it a try - heard good things about.  Well at the min its up there with alien isolation as a 3 pair of brown trowsers vr game.   


Basically think most haunted the game - you play in co-op with either peeps in VR (the best way to play) or flat screen pc'rs.  (you can play by yourself if you are brave).  basically you have to explore different haunted locations - work out what type of ghost is haunting and gatehr evidence.  except not every ghost is casper friendly.  you can use ouiji boards etc.. to try and comunicate with the ghost etc.. 


the game also uses your mic and ghosts can pick up your sound etc...   playing on the quest with link cable and no issues at all  - so   for £11  its worth a go (but rember early access so comes with the will have bugs warning) 


here is the release trailer:


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Quite looking forward to receiving my Quest 2 later this week.  I'm likely to be playing 95% time hooked up to my PC via the link cable or wireless if I can get it to work nicely




I'm still using an Original Vive and cannot believe how bad the screen door effect is compared the the Quest 2.  I'm looking forward to receiving my Quest 2 later this week to compare them side by side for myself.  Being able to read small text and seeing more detailing within the game world on a Quest 2 will be a revelation. 

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I've noticed a big improvement from my CV1 going with Oculus quest 2.  I mostly play racing games so the difference for me is the clarity of the instruments on the dashboard / steering wheel.


Prefer the audio on my CV1 though.  Got myself a couple of ksc75 koss headphones which are fairly cheap and similar to the rift ones (although the koss porta pro are supposed to be even closer).  Happy enough with the ksc75s as they were less than 20 quid and will do until someone does an elite audio strap mod.

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Guys, went to play some VR tonight and had major problems with half life. Rez and beat saber were fine but I had all sorts of problems with half life.


Loaded up my save game and it was completely unplayable. The menus were fine and smooth as usual but It was super super glitchy. Couldn't move at all and everything looked very messed up.


Gpu and cpu fine, turned it down to low Fidelity in game, nothing.


Ran a check on the steam game code and was fine. 


Deleted and re installed the game. No changes in fact it was worse and in game I could almost see a window which mirrowed my monitor with nothing but black outside of that window.


On the oculus menu at times the game logo that's active on the oculus wasn't showing on the oculus bar at the bottom of the screen and instead it was a white box with a white zig zag black outline. Even the huge half life game image in the middle of the screen was showing as this.


Tried turning off that oculus program / tool tray which I used for the super sampling and nothing.


Any ideas what's going on? I don't really know how to describe it but just very very glitchy, so much you couldn't move or look around at all. Even when I kept still the image was all over the place.

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1 hour ago, skittles said:

Another question but will the g2 work with games downloaded from oculus store?


Not officially but there's a free third party software hack like Revive that allows Oculus software to work with Steam VR headsets. I'm assuming Revive will work on the G2 however until the G2 releases and someone tries it there's no way to know for sure.

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For everyone with a Rift S who is maybe eyeing up the Quest 2 - I took one for the team and bought one today. 


Unless you're desperate for a wireless headset (and that aspect genuinely is fantastic) then don't get the Quest 2. Wireless aspect aside, it is not an upgrade. The colour and contrast are better then the Rift S, but that's about it. 


@skittles Not sure what's going on there. :(

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I also realised that I got a message within the half life game to say that i had a GPU issue (not powerful enough or something) I checked and it was running at 40%. Even even I put half life to low fidelity performance, it still ran exactly the same but didn't give me the error message.

It felt as though I was not able to get enough power to run the game which is odd because ive played it for hours on ultra fidelity previously.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A new entrant to the PC VR market maybe appearing next year...or not, called the Decagear.  Apparently a lot of VR tech for the money but there are doubts this is real.  4320x2160 resolution, face, eyes, hip and Valve index like-finger tracking all for $450 with the option for the wireless kit for an extra $50.  Seems too good to be true.  I believe its has inside out tracking so no external sensors are needed.







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Is it in all games? I'm fine in most of the games I've played, but non-mapped movement in first person games immediately makes me feel ill. I've read you can condition yourself to handle it better, by gradually exposing yourself to whatever triggers your sickness over several short sessions, but a lot of games will simply avoid the usual triggers (snapping turns, or FOV tricks like in Saints & Sinners).

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46 minutes ago, Welrain said:

It’s been an hour and I’m still feeling sick. Sadtimes.


If you feel sick in VR, stop for that session, there's no coming back from it immediately.


That said, VR Legs are a thing and games with something to ground you (for instance the frame on a vehicle) will be better early on as well, obviously, as games with as little movement as possible.  Tetris Effect would be a damn good shot for instance.


Above that, I found a cold room makes things much much better, you've got 2 monitors strapped to your face and getting warm didn't help me at all.

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17 hours ago, Welrain said:

Are there any games like house of the dead / time crisis etc...just point and shoot.  


Wave shooters on VR were quite popular initially so Vr devs did not have to worry about locomotion and the sickness that comes with that.  They can be better as they can work in 360 degrees.  Off the top of my head but these may require a PC to work and not sure if there are Quest native versions*:


Space Pirate Trainer


The Brookhaven Experiment (I find this terrifying)


*EDIT I thought this was the Oculus Quest thread but yes these are PC VR games

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