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7 hours ago, carlospie said:

This honestly looks like the shit test game I have ever seen. It looks worse than a launch ps2 game. Anyone who buys this should have to give up their right to own a ps5. Even the name is utter garbage. 

I feel like this forum is the only place where it's safe to say this. The rest of the gaming Internet seems to be enchanted. 


It sort of looks like the shitty fake game that some TV show creates as a plot device - Islamic extremist drug dealing communists radicalising 8 year olds through it 

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Imagine launch day. You come home from a hard days work. Tired. Stressed. In the lounge is a huge box. You open it up and find your gigantic psfive. You can't believe it. 


But I didn't order a ps5, they were sold out everywhere. Surprise, says your partner as they kiss you on the cheek. I can't believe it, I don't even remember their birthday and yet they have gone to all this effort for me. 


You unbox the behomoth. Its magnificent ugly frame doesn't fit in your TV stand, but you don't care. You put it on the floor, plug it in. 


I can't wait to see these graphics. The hdr. Pixels flying everywhere. This is gaming. 


You log into psn. Old friends appear on your friend list. All playing their brand new consoles. Sending pics of their ears to Sony bosses. 


They are all playing spiderman. Standard. Beat game Eva and looks so good. Really showoff the next gen. 


Don't worry hun, I installed your game already, I knew you couldn't want, states your partner. Awesome. Miles here I come. 


You click play on the main screen. Load current disc. You turn the audio up, get that bass set. 


'an expedition thirteen strong....' 


Hold on what's this? Spidey? Oh shit... 




Oh fuck. Bugsnax. Of all The games they could have picked. 


' the man in GAME said this was the best one!' they tell you. ' it's like knack! You loved knack' 


You sit, smiling on the outside. Crying inside.


You play as a baguette worm looking for his chipolata caterpillar brother. It's uttersshit. A steaming 4k 120 fps steaming diarrhea dogshit


You know all your friends are currently owning green goblin all over the city. Whilst your chasing a fucking pizzashaped hedgehog for a gold coin. 


'how's your game hun' your partner assks after ten minutes. You fake smile and nod, Inside your crying. Your squad will never let this down, they can all see what your playing. 


Fuckin Bugsnax. 




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Why are you all shitting on this? It looks amazing.


Well OK, it doesn’t LOOK amazing graphically. But the game looks amazing.


Shove your greybrown shootmans and spacegreybrown shootmans up your arse.

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Those Sony Exclusives Ranked:


- better theme tune than Spiderman: Miles Morales or Godfall or Demon Souls

- also plays on PS4


Demon Souls:

- better graphics than Godfall

- also plays on PS3


Spiderman: Miles Morales

- doesn’t play on PS4 or PS3

- will actually be fun

- not created by anyone involved in a business relationship with Randy Pickford



- um.


I think our ire should be directed with more precision than at Bugsnax.

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On 07/08/2020 at 09:46, thesnwmn said:

Better insight into the gameplay. This looks great to me. Puzzles. A fun world. And maybe a mystery to discover judging by me being a journalist and the tone of the final shot in the trailer.



This should have been rolled into the debut trailer as it’s a little better at delivering context for the gameplay. Planning, hunting, setting traps does seem a bit Stranger’s Wrath as @Vemsie said. If there are enough options for creative planning (rather than one specific solution to a thing) it could be interesting.

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Here's the review:


Really, just go and play this game, which uses familiar ideas, all of them well-handled, in the service of something that I will be continuing to turn over in my mind for the next few months, I suspect. Bugsnax is colourful, clever, and surprising - and you deserve to discover the deepest aspects of it for yourself.


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Yeah, this looks pretty clever. Starting to get serious pangs of need of a PS5. I still have my PS3 plumbed in in the bedroom and have finished DeS, kind of told myself I could skip the remake and wait until an all black machine release but seeing some of its recent footage and now Bugsnax lol I'm thinking I'll get one when they are more readily available and just get a vinyl for the fins.


EDIT. Oh it's on PS4 too. Could play it on my Pro. Still buckling under that PS5 pressure though, Astrobot.

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