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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales


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The combat in this is, ahem, miles ahead of anything else. I just love how you can pull enemies towards you, launch an air combo, throw a grenade back at some other enemies, do a finisher move, etc, etc. it’s all top class. 

I keep switching between performance RT and fidelity because whilst I like the 60fps I’m also fine with 30 and the extra detail in the environments, bigger crowd density and so on really adds to it for me. 

Whichever mode though looks fantastic, really enjoying the game. 

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Is it just me, or is Miles waaaay less strong than Pete? Even simple baddies take about a hundred punches to go down whereas Pete would off them in two.

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Late to the party as only just got a PS5 at Christmas. 

Over all, I did enjoy it. Graphically the indoor sections looked stunning on the PS5, outside looked pretty good, but I always liked Batman Arkham Asylum better. Cut scenes looked great, and I do agree with the comment about him being weak in them.

Gameplay, well, they nailed the web slinging as it was already great in the first one, more of the same over all, which isn't a bad thing. I thought the main thing that let it down (apart from BLM) was it was not as good as the the first one in terms of the bad guys. Yeah Rhino was ok, but I was not a fan of the rest of it.

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