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Your next gen price predictions

Alex W.

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I figured that it’d be a good idea to have a central place for these so we can pat ourselves on the back/sigh regretfully/argue more easily about this specific cross-platform issue. Ideally predictions that are very specific and likely to be wildly incorrect.

Microsoft are in an enviable position. They have a range of consoles that’ll all play the same games, so they can afford to push the boat out a bit on Series X pricing without harming sales of the next Halo. However the elegant internal design of the Series X chassis, the established controller design and lessons learned on One X mean the production costs are probably deceptively low. 


Xbox Series X: £449

2021 Series S/Lockhart (Series X @ 1080p): £349

One X: £249

One S: £149


They’ll take £50 off the price of each console every 18 months or so and cycle out the low end, introducing the first upgraded Series X in about 2023.


Sony are in a trickier spot. They’ve made a clean break with PS5 so they desperately need to sell a lot of those by the end of next year to support 2021 and 2022’s big software launches. However the new (to Sony) controller features and high end SSD put limits on their pricing. The good news is that their cooling solution can take advantage of a significant engineering lineage and is probably actually not that expensive.

PS5 - £399


But that’ll be the digital edition, so:


Real PS5 - £449

And so the story will still be that the two consoles cost exactly the same. Probably someone high up in Sony lost an argument about releasing the digital edition as the “real” PS5 and calling the disk one “legacy edition” or something.

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I think that nobody wants to be the guy that starts their price with a 5 but they’re going to get pretty close, and Sony will want more. I’d say £499 for the physical PS5, £475 for XSX and £450 for the digital PS5. Essentially they both get to say “well we’re cheaper than one of these” whilst still being more costly than something else. ;) 

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SeriesX: £499/$499

PS5 Digital Edition: £499/$499

PS5 Fat Edition: £550/$550

but those are priced basically on the dollar price, and because I don’t see Microsoft gifting Sony a price advantage. I could easily see it all move up by $100/£100.

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Eurogamer talked about how taking the disk drive out Of the ps5 will only save them £20 or so - so it can’t be that much cheaper. I think they’ve got it the wrong way round. 

I think Sony will really price up the disk edition. Hundred quid more than digital. Or even more.


£399 vs  £499. 

They’ll want People to make a temp saving to lock them out of the second hand market. 

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Adjusting for inflation the launch prices of current gen consoles now would be £420. I think a lot of people forget how long ago the last launch was.

There's some seriously expensive kit in these consoles. They're not off the shelf mid-range PCs in the way the last gen was that will have to push it above that. 

Think it will £549/£499 for the Sony machines. XBox to undercut by about £20 just because they can and need to.


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10 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

So many price predictions based on which console you hope wins the generation.


That's a funny thing to say. Anyway, with no dog in the fight (I won't be buying either of them for a long time as I'm PC on the front foot) I agree with others that:


PS5 digital: £499

PS5 drive edition: £550


Even at those prices, Sony will be taking a bath until the chipsets age and drop in price. I think they'd have been far happier hearing XSX was going to be expensive so they could have pushed pricing to £599 & £550.


XSX: Anywhere between £420 and £480, depending on how much they are willing to lose in profit to win the war of perceived value early on. 

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Also, I don't think they are going to be able to produce at the scale they would have. Supply and demand. I think they can price these high. People are trapped in. People are bored. And whilst money is tight, there are enough people secure enough working from home that they can clear their constrained stock. I wouldn't be surprised by £599.



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5 minutes ago, Valver said:

Why do the majority posters seem to think the PS5 will be the more expensive machine?  I thought the hardware in the XSX was better, so wouldn't it naturally also cost more?


While the Series X is a better machine Sony know their customer base will pay a higher figure plus everyone expects Xbox to take a hit on the price and try to undercut if possible.

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I'm attempting to put away £500 for each, with the hope that I might be pleasantly surprised and they're a tenner or so lower ;)


Considering I was daft enough to fork out over a grand for my graphics card last year, I honestly don't think I should be allowed near bank cards at all.

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For PS5 I reckon we're looking at:


$449 / $549


Fox Xbox, I think it'll be:


$299 / $549


I think whoever goes first will be setting the price for their competition, unless they think they can meaningfully undercut them. The PS5 digital will be a full PS5 sans the optical drive, so I think that will be notably more expensive than the rumoured Lockhart console, which is supposed to be a significantly scaled back machine. I think the 599 price tag is simply too damaged for anyone to go near it.

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2 hours ago, LaveDisco said:

I think they can price these high. People are trapped in. People are bored. And whilst money is tight, there are enough people secure enough working from home that they can clear their constrained stock. I wouldn't be surprised by £599.


When you say "they can price these high" it makes me wonder if you think they're trying to make a profit on hardware. 

I think it's extremely unlikely thst they're looking at profits, they're more likely trying to get as close to break even as possible, I actually think they'd be more likely to be debating the biggest loss they can take per unit, rather than how far can they push the profit.


Under current circumstances,  I think you could just about say that people are prepared to spend freely on home entertainment, but in 6 months time I'm not sure that money will be as free flowing, if Corona Virus continues to impact business there'll  be more redundancies and unemployment and less government assistance. Simultaneously, there'll  be more places to spend money, cinemas, pubs and restaurants are getting ready to open again. People are waiting for an announcement now.  


Over here, we have Brexit on the horizon too. I'm not sure how much Sony and Microsoft can and are prepared to tailor local prices when it comes to hardware, but I'd  think local managers will be trying to get prices as low as possible, no matter what. 


If we lower VAT here, it'll be interesting to see how the price compares internationally. 



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