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Best ever film threat or insult

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I always liked 'Look you Eddie Munster looking motherfucker' from Hudson Hawk. 


Another one that made me laugh recently was in The Gentleman 'What are you gonna do now I've got backup?' 'You couldn't back up a phone, you cunt'


The Trading Places ones are pure gold.

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"Kiss my sweaty balls you fat fuck"


"Y'know, I've come across a lot of psychos, but none as fucking boring as you. You are a real boring fuck. Sorry, sorry, I know you disapprove of swearing so I'll sort that out. You are a boring F, star, star, CUNT!"



" I will marshal all the forces of darkness to hound you into an assisted suicide."


"That is your career. And I think it might be fucked, but let's just check. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty fucked. Now, I hope you can play the spoons, because you're too old to go back to being a gentleman's fluffer."


"Hey, with due respect, I hadn't finished. If it isn't Humpty Numpty sitting on top of a collapsing wall like some clueless egg cunt. Now, I'm finished."


"Shut it, Love Actually! Do you want me to hole punch your face?"



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This scene stands out for me, because under the initial veneer of being friendly to each other, you can feel the tension. And then the veneer slips and Gere starts insulting Garcia's wife (or more accurately, Garcia's fragile ego).



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On 25/06/2020 at 13:03, IcEBuRN said:

In Bruge is just such a great movie. 


It probably goes without saying but it's the nonchalant 'probably have some more cunt kids' that makes it, I was laughing for about 5 minutes when I first saw the film. And Ralph Fiennes' goofy reaction as though he isn't a cold blooded psychopath, even funnier. Not what you expect.


There's a new Truth vs Hollywood podcast which I like, 1st episode about Goodfellas. Dunno if it's common knowledge but I never knew the 'you think I'm funny?' scene was something that had to Pesci when he was younger and relayed it to Scorsese, who didn't tell the other actors about it before shooting. 

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