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Help me remember this incest film.

Cool Ben

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On 01/07/2020 at 11:21, Cool Ben said:

Is nothing dark, or to do with rape etc. 


Approaching my mid forties now and for the last few years I keep getting flashbacks to various things, sometimes like deja vu, or it could be a smell. Mostly it's childhood stuff that is buried deep, pops up and I do my best to remember and enjoy the nostalgia. 


For some reason the waterbed has some kind of connection to an early crush, maybe this film. I don't know, I have gone a bit more odd over the last few months. 


Going back to the film, gang raped outside rings a bell. The incest bit is near the end, I'm sure she has sex with her brother to help get over the rape, must be an odd film and why was I watching it as a teenager? Lol

i'm in my mid forties too and i remember seeing it on late night channel 4 in the 80s. c4 used to show lots of pretty bizarre films back then ( mainly Peter Greenaway ones) which didnt make alot of sense but featured alot of nudity.


Anyhow, the Hotel New Hampshire was quite a prestige film, it starred Rob Lowe as the brother, Jodie Foster as the sister, Nastasja Kinksi as a lesbian bear and was directed by an oscar winner. It feels like a Wes Anderson film, in its absurdist plot and how everything no matter how bizarre is underplayed.


And the reason why they have sex is because he has always been in love with her so she spends the whole day fucking him so he xan get over it.


He ends up with the lesbian bear at the end if my memory serves me correct


a quick google confirms im not the only one who thinks this was an influence on Wes Anderson



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Yes, this could well be it, i'm sure I fancied the girl, which means that must have been Jodie Foster. 


But was there a water bed?


Was there a water bed in a Micheal J Fox film?

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There was a water bed in The Woman in Red starring Gene Wilder and Kelly Lebrock, and there is no incest but they do have an affair and if your pause skills are on point you can see her lady garden. 

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1 hour ago, ZOK said:

Once you’ve watched that you should watch The World According to Garp, which is another cool flick based on a John Irving novel.

You’re doing it wrong. What you should have said is help me identify this film. It features a guy whose mother raped a brain damaged pilot, whose wife bites off some guys dick and a bunch of psycho women who cut their tongues out. Oh and a transsexual quarterback. There may have been a waterbed in there somewhere too. 

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While we wait for Ben to dig out his VHS maybe you can help me remember a movie from my childhood, sadly it doesn't involve incest or a waterbed.


It was about a threesome (or maybe a love triangle) where was a woman who would paint on a fella as part of her art, another guy enters their house who might have been a writer. The guy that gets painted on is jealous of the newcomer, the woman is torn between them both and I think they all get together in the end.


There may be a scene where they all go skinny dipping,  I can't remember but they hung out by a river - maybe set in the 1930s?

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