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Which old sci-fi arcade game am I (mis)remembering?

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Trying to think of an old arcade game I played a few times circa 1993. Vaguely like Star Raiders in the Atari 800, sci-fi setting, first-person cockpit view, shooting space ships and avoiding asteroids. Two player mode; one was pilot and the other a gunner (I think). By Midway or Atari. Any ideas?

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3 hours ago, cubik said:

Was it on a massive screen? Namco did Galaxian 3 around that time.

It had multiplayer (I think) but no pilot/gunner as it was on rails.

I remember Galaxian 3 as well; was £3 a play at Brighton sea front. :) But this was a different game, in a smaller, conventional arcade cabinet. Not even sure if the second player was a co-op player or competitive.

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