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Paying for game demos.


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Guest Penguin_Lad
I resent having to buy an official magazine in order to play demos of games I might like to buy. I hate the idea of walking into GAME and paying £2 for a demo of a game that may or may not be rubbish. What's that? I'll get my money back if I buy the full game? Well, thanks very much. That's a great help if I don't like it.

Why aren't demo discs given away free in shops? Why can't you fill in your name and address on the game's web site and have one sent to you?

Who decides these things? I want to have a word.

You could always but the game at GAME, try it, and if you don't like it...take it back within 10 days!

Have a cookie!

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At the Independent I work at, we recieve free demo disks for customers. We just stick them on the counter and if a customer wants one, they can take one. Just recently for example we got some I Ninja demos in.

Even better is when staff get free promos! A couple of weeks ago I got an Arc The Lad promo and I also have the Rez (PS2) promo, quite proud of that one!

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At GAME we'd often get free demos to plonk on the counter aswell and they tended to go straight in the skip. Always wondered what the companies thought of that one.... and no you cant get a 10 day return on a 2 quid demo but if u ask nicely you might get 2 quid knocked off another purchase if u have the receipt and explain that the demo was crap. Its so easy for GAME to discount stuff u can just do it on the till and u dont even need to have much of a reason so its always worth an ask. For example all the shops around the area got an automatic 10% off cos we knew them to talk to.

Oh my best promo was a Vampire Night about 4 months before the game came out. Im a massive HOTD fan and my manager gave me a bloody target to reach before he gave me it. A sales target not a physical one :blink:

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I don't understand the problem. One company I worked for was really eager to send out free samples of our stuff, and the point of a marketing budget is to do just that, but it has its limits. Just because we could afford to give it away through certain distribution channels doesn't mean that we suddenly had some moral or financial obligation to make sure that every citizen of the UK was able to get hold of a free sample at no personal expense to themselves.

Welcome to the real world.

To my knowledge, magazine publishers publish magazines. And that's what you bought. They stick this free stuff on the cover to entice you to read it, but what you're paying for is a magazine and its CD. If you're tearing off the demo disk and binning the magazine every month because the free promo content is all you really want then your beef is really with the magazine being crap, not with the games companies who happily handed over the free stuff that came with it.

In which case, stop buying magazines you don't want to read.

I mean, you don't book into a hotel and then go home ten minutes later with the contents of the mini-bar, complaining that it was a lot to pay just for some free drinks in cute little bottles.

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