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Pico Driller

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6 hours ago, beakbeak said:

Is it difficult to make games using it? I teach a games art and design course at college and wondered if it might be worth trying out...

Very easy to make games with it.

It's got a built in Sprite editor, effects editor and tracker and code is based on lua. Plus there's tons of resources knocking about. Pretty much an ideal tool as a first step into games design.

Now if I could just pull my finger out I'd actually build something with the damn thing!

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Even I managed to make some games with it :). If you got the BLM itch.io bundle you have a copy of Pico-8 already!


It’s very easy. I used to teach a programming class using it.


I got hooked on Pico Driller just before the Switch Mr Driller came out. I should go back to it really.


Oh, and the Pico-8 version of Celeste is included in the full version of Celeste!

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