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Couldn't find a thread for this but it's out now and in early access with founder packs available for purchase and a load of free codes knocking about the usual places.


Gameplay trailer: 



Useless CGI trailer:



So what you get is a 60fps free to play 3rd person team shooter. It's cross play on all consoles and has great gyro controls on Switch.


I do wonder how many of these hero shooters can be sustained but! This one is from the makers of SMITE and Paladins and runs and plays really well, despite some beta jankiness.


TLDR: it's a bit like Uncharted multiplayer with counterstrike in-round purchases, hero abilities and runs very well indeed.


Founders packs available currently, of which I think skins and character unlocks are the difference.


Starter £14

Standard £30

Ultimate £60


Expect it to go totally FTP late Autumn.

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Downloaded the started pack of psn as it looked pretty good in videos, but I want my money back!  I know it’s a beta, but what an unpolished, janky, wooden 3rd person shooter this is. It’s really reeks FTP (which I know it will be at some point). Very unsatisfying indeed, especially coming of the back of uncharted 4 multiplayer.

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