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Anyone else unable to game tired / drunk

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Tbh the main reason I quit smoking weed was because I was obsessed with Arkham Knight. I had completed the game but would get home after work and crush the arcade mode into the wee hours after a joint, trying to get the perfect fight on all the stages with all the characters. Weed was ruining my timing and causing me to make unforced errors and so I decided to take some time off until I had achieved my goals. Plus, I knew Batman would be disappointed in my lifestyle choices. 

Then once I had broken the cycle I just never bought any more weed ever again, sort of by accident. Don’t do drugs, kids, it’ll ruin your arcade mode highscores.


As far as drinking goes, me and another rllmuker used to get absolutely trollied playing games online with each other quite frequently, until we both independently decided to stop doing that.

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