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Oh god. Oh god no. Oh dear lord no, someone stop me from buying this. As soon as Workshop gets up and running and IPs are being infringed left right and centre this shit is going to be essential for procrastinating dickheads like me who hate the mess and fuss of actual mini painting.

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For clarity, I am working on this one as part of the PR team. 

Remnants of the Rift: (Demo available)



A real-time / turn-based roguelite tactics game. I played the demo on Steam Deck to get some footage and I spent a few more hours with it after. 



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Next Fest is today. Trying out a couple that were released before the launch:


Railbound - really lovely looking and simple puzzle game where you arrange tracks on the ground to get carriages to a train in order. Very intuitive, a lot of polish. Very nice.


Cardboard Championship Wrestling - on the bright side, the game doesn't fall apart and it's pretty pleasant to look at. But ultimately, a fighting game where the main characters have zero appendages or features just falls flat for me, unfortunately. A for effort, though.

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1 minute ago, bradigor said:

Railbound has been on my list for a while. Did you play it on Steam Deck? Did it work well?


Maybe we should have a Next Fest thread?


Yeah, played during lunch on the deck, works great. The only niggle is that for some reason the pad support doesn't include navigating the main mission screen, but touchscreen or mouse control works fine.


I'd be down for a thread for the event when it opens. I think the last couple of times Next Fest happened it was stuffed in the Steam thread, as it was a brand new thing and nobody knew if it would turn out good.

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Sound, will try that later. 


I agree can add various shouts to games that work well on Deck, Handheld (AYN, AYO, etc) low-end PC, etc. Easy to reference back to later when they come out fully too. 

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So I luckily got an unexpected bonus the other week so I decided to finally upgrade my PC.  My poor old i7 4770 and GTX 970 are officially retired.  


Bought a prebuilt from https://www.palicomp.co.uk/ agter seeing a deal on hotukdeals, ended up with a 12th gen i5 + RTX3070ti* for not much over 1100 quid (gulp).  Protip for palicomp, if you buy a prebuilt from them they'll try and upsell you fast build & delivery and no hassle cover etc.  They quoted an extra 140 for this, I said I wasn't interested and happy to wait the quoted 10 days for build.  They came back and offered the whole 'extra' stuff for 50 so I took it, lol.  It's so shiny!! 


*I know 3070ti isn't much better than a 3070, but this was the best value deal I'd seen for equivalent specs at the time!


I also got a new monitor.  It's 165Hz and Gsync ready. My god, even just using windows in 165hz mode is insanely cool!  Like freakily smooth.  Reminds me of the first time I got a smartphone that had a decent screen. 


Haven't got a chance to play much yet, but Elden Ring ran pretty great at 4k on the telly, and Cyberpunk is at least playable by default, can't wait to mess with settings! (I tried for 10 hours on my old PC but left it as it was struggling too much) 


Just about to pop God of War on for some mad smooth goodness :D

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I got my self built gaming PC put together and running yesterday. After being a console gamer and Mac user for as long as I can remember it was fairly scary but I’ve managed it and it seems to be running well (touch wood). 

Got the following spec…


Intel i7-12700k

MSI Pro Z690-a DDR4 Wi-Fi Motherboard

Nvidia Founders Edition 3080 GPU

16GB DDR4 3200 RAM


I’d ordered and received an ASUS 3070ti TUF Gaming GPU but was lucky enough to be looking on Twitter at the right time on Thursday to see Digital Foundry Deals post that Nvidia were selling the Founder Edition cards at RRP so jumped on that and will send the unopened 3070ti back. 

With the kind of games I’m wanting to play this set up should hopefully see me right for a good few years I reckon. 

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4 hours ago, Dark Soldier said:

So I'm finally getting an Ultrawide, 200Hz G-Sync monitor tomorrow. First time above 60Hz, and first time ultrawide.


What are the best games to play to blow my little mind?


I'm installing Red Dead 2 and Doom Eternal, any other recommendations?

Elden Ring with the Ultrawide patch looks great. Pretty shocking the devs haven’t included an official option. Most games do officially support Ultrawide though, and they’re all the better for it IMO. It’s hard going back to console gaming at 16:9.


MAME Arcade games that use two 4:3 monitors, like Xmen!

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New GPU people: look at undervolting your GPUs for a much smoother, and on average, higher clock speed.


The differences between the benchmarking results were staggering. I must have posted them on here in the new GPU thread at the time (Dec ‘20).


I use MSI Afterburner to tweak mine. 

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16 minutes ago, Gabe said:

What does undervolting actually mean (& do)? Is there a really simple guide on how to do it, and the benefits of it? 


The method to the madness - from what I recall from my own experience with the 3080 - is that by lowering the overall voltage the card can actually use, it eliminates the chance the card will thermal throttle itself by trying to run like the clappers, which in turn means the card will run at like 90-100% of the performance the card would normally do, but all the time.


Effectively, that last 10% makes the 30-series cards go absolutely apeshit for a couple of minutes to get maximum FPS, and then get too hot and run worse for about triple the time it was actually good because it's harder to cool a card once it's hot. Yes, it's very stupid.


I think I lumped a guide in the old GPU thread when it was all the rage, but there's probably a more relevant guide kicking about these days.

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I was terrified of undervolting for ages but got tired of sauna like 70-80 degree temps at 4k.


Did it one day, power usage way down and I get like 60 degrees now, with absolutely no great loss to performance, like two or three frames. If I'm at 1440 or 1080 it's 50 or under.


Downgraded the primary monitor now to 1080 ultrawide so will be cool as in my gaming room.


Do it, so worth it.

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