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Football Thread 2020/2021

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West Brom :lol: 


Make no mistake, the result on Sunday with Liverpool was not some sort of Sam Allerdyce mastercalss. It was mainly Liverpool hittinh aimless balls into the box that we had no chance of reaching and never deviating from thaty. Had Liverpool turned up, they would have lost that badly too.


Thjese tactics from Sam Allerdyce are shit and they will fall out of the league with a whimper. 

Fuck the xenophobic racist cunt!

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8 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

What’s this all about?


Thanks to my daugfhter watching Milkshake in the morning I have at times been subjected to Jeremy Vine after. A couple of times Allardyce has been on there spouting right wing bullshit. I have seen a couple of other times too, but can't recall where exactlyu. 

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