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Football Thread 2020/2021

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9 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

So my daughter starts crying.  Then she pukes on the floor. I clean up the mess, scrub her in the bath and come back to find that my beloved Aston Villa are now 0-3 down at home to Leeds.   

How’s your last half hour been?  


I watched fucking Bamford score a hattrick.


You don't need to say more.

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After Ireland's exit from Euro 2020, which I think it's still called, I consoled myself knowing at least the women were likely to reach at least the playoffs of Euro 2021. If they're still calling it that.


Not so much now after a backpass own goal - one of those ones where you can only watch in agony as the ball trundles into the net - and a penalty smacked against the crossbar meant they lost 1-0 in Ukraine, the only team that can pip them to second place.


It was just as frustrating as watching Kenny's team too - lots of possession, few real chances, just foreboding dread. Not like the rest of the campaign. 


The result means Ireland either have to defeat Germany (ha!) or have Ukraine drop at least three points in their remaining games against Montenegro and Greece. The odds are against them.


Ah well, there's always the U21s. They're still doing ok!

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8 hours ago, Mike1812 said:

Just to top it off, the boycott PPV fund hit £50k. 


The money being raised by all clubs is absolutely brilliant. I think the bullshit vote about the school meals has helped propel it even more too. Its wonderful to see.

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On 22/10/2020 at 22:00, deerokus said:

Shane Duffy is one of the absolute worst players I've ever seen at Celtic. And I've seen Gerard Butler play for us.


45k a week on loan apparently?! 

Shane Duffy Defence Force activate!


I think there was a time when we had him in the Championship and our first season in the Prem, when he was partnered with Lewis Dunk and Hughton's cautious game planning that all those things came together worked elevating him somewhat. But without all of that yeah you have to maybe have to ask questions of his performances.


Weird that between him, Goldson and Balogun, there's quite a selection of Brighton alumni up at Celtic and Rangers.

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1 hour ago, Gotters said:

Football is just random at the moment, how do you beat the champions 7-2 one week at home then lose 0-3 to a promoted side.


It's good mad but not making fantasy football any easier.


The closest example in my memory is when Newcastle beat Man Utd 5-0 in 96/97 they lost their next game against newly promoted Leicester City 2-0. That same season after the 6-3 against United Southampton drew 1-1 with Sheffield Wednesday and then lost 7-1 to Everton the week after.  . 

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El Classico has been fun. Neither team can defend. Messi has been peripheral* and other players seem less reliant on looking for him/more willing to make things happen themselves. 


What's the betting Calvert Lewin gets more goals than Messi this season. Whether league goals or all competitions even with less games. 


*just did a great turn and near post right footed shot though that was so slick I'm surprised it didn't work and the keeper got down quickly. 


And he provided the great pass for the Alba run for the goal like...

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I'm most impressed with the CG crowd added to the main stand on far side of the pitch, very effective but quite jarring when any camera other than the main one shows the stand is actually empty seats.


Looks far better than banner and the empty seats in the Prem. 

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