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Football Thread 2020/2021


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15 minutes ago, JohnC said:

Apparently they have a scheme where a sentence can be converted to a paid penalty. And he has access to money.


Delay the process, if United get drawn in a group with a Greek side, then lock him up.

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5 hours ago, Mike1812 said:

Nice to see Kalvin in there. Villa fans won't be happy. 


Villa Twitter has been taken over by the nutters.   I mean Grealish should absolutely be in the squad, he's had a fantastic season and is more than good enough to play for England.  Kalvin Phillips plays in a different position so him being in the squad isn't at the expense of Jack Grealish, but Villa fans are finding a year old quote from Southgate saying players need Premier League experience to get in the squad, and that somehow because Southgate is a former Aston Villa player (and he absolutely had the best years of his career at Villa Park) then he somehow owes us one.  I don't get that at all.  I do think Grealish should have been called up and the fact that Southgate was happy to call up Harry McGuire despite him literally being on trial for assault and attempted bribery during the squad announcement tells me it can't be a disciplinary issue.  


On a slight tangent are there any weird nonsensical rivalries which only seem to exist because of Twitter?   Villa seem to have one with Newcastle because we sent them down in 2009 and then when they had the opportunity to return the favour in 2016 they blew it and ended up getting relegated again.  Then there's this one with Leeds which seems to stem from absolutely bonkers game last May.  I'm guessing it's almost entirely fuelled by people with too much time on their hands, but it can't be unique to my lot.  Do Fulham have an unlikely rivalry with Stoke? Do Sheffield Wednesday have a twitter beef with Everton? (etc)

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