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Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2020 | Thursday August 27

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I've never been made angry by a game reveal event before.

This is the Keighley model though, apparently. Incredibly americanised, both in presentation and its approach. So much hyperbole that means nothing, so much bait-and-switching, and so many corporate "loopholes", like how technically a game featured might be a world premiere despite it having been announced months ago, because THIS is the world premiere of the gameplay footage of the multiplayer element's DLC. Not to mention that, of course, the game awards are, were and always have been an excuse for both this americanised monopolisation and for the inevitable sponsorship/deal money that comes with it. They even just quickly get most of them out the way with zero hype or fanfare on preshows and the like.

Bring back Don Mattrick spewing meaningless statistics and specs, Christ.



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1 minute ago, Johnson Geoffrey Johnson said:

Hey Geoff if you pull your trousers out of your crotch then not only will they cover your ankles and actually fit but in addition I won't be able to tell if you're jewish or not


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