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Gotham Knights - Oct 2022, Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Nick R

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They’d definitely sell more copies with Batman in the title / on the front cover.


They've changed the fighting system, so it’s no longer like the old Arkham games (or Shadow of Mordor 😍) which were fantastic.


Anyway, this is Arkham Knight on a Series X and 4k TV 🤷‍♂️



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4 hours ago, Flanders said:

I feel like the length of development time has really worked against hype for both this and Suicide Squad. Like, it made perfect sense for Rocksteady to do something else after Arkham Knight given that we had four Batman games in six years, but now it’s seven years since Arkham Knight came out and everyone just wants to be Batman again. 

What did rocksteady do when that other developer was doing origins?


just work on Arkham knight, or..?

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Depends on the game. The new God of War has an embargo lift nearly a week ahead of release. There is still a perceived correlation that the later the embargo lifts the more worrying it is but I don't know how much that holds up anymore in reality. It has hard not to perceive an early embargo lift as anything other than total confidence in the product though.


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Sony have also pruned down their review outlets to ones they know are either friendly or at least going to toe the line as well. They don't want even a few outlying scores in the 7/10 range for their flagship products.


I think the combat in this looks middling, but the character stuff I've seen isn't too bad so far. I've no problem with ol' surly Bats being gone, and it'd be nice not to have the bloody Joker plastered across everything for once. I just don't think that the game sounds like it's particularly cohesive for some reason, and a return to 30fps isn't exactly something I'm jonesing to personally endorse and finance.

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1 hour ago, Kayin Amoh said:

I think the combat in this looks middling


Watching some combat and it looks like "counter" is gone, you only dodge. (At least for Batgirl).

That seems quite a significant change to the rhythm 

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59 minutes ago, Mallet said:

Holy shit!


The PC recommended specs for 1080p, high settings at 60fps.


i7-10700k or Ryzen 5 5600x


RTX 2070 or RX 5700xt


So, I am assuming that visually this is 2 levels above something like Cyberpunk 2077?

Have you seen the recommended specs for Spider-man: Miles Morales? Those specs will run that at 4k. This Gotham game is a joke!

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9 hours ago, dreamylittledream said:

To be fair that’s a port of a 2 year old game than ran on the PS4 mind.

Spider-Man on PC, at 4k with RTX is one of the best looking PC titles out there. It’s pretty far removed from the PS4 version, it even looks a lot better than the PS5 version on modest hardware.


I get it doesn’t have an always-on co-op feature, but really there should be an option to switch that off in Gotham and boost frame rate?!

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