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NVIDIA GeForce 30-series: come for the lack of order updates and stock, stay for the fan discussion


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22 minutes ago, Wiper said:

Tch, all this needlessly ostentatious hardware. People should go for subtle builds, like mine!


(in even better news, I have plans for a rebuild* next year, after I've moved house. Seems a cheaper way to deal with my PC-building urge than buying new components. It's going to be horrific)




I was never really one for all the RGB but it has started to grow on me recently. Some in my new build, not intentional but I was OK when I realised the RAM was also RGB. I thought the trident RAM was awful when it was released but I think I'd happily have it in a system now, would never pay the price though.


I do like yours, no half measures, it's coordinated, plus pink and white look great. One question, do you leave it on all the time or just for show, looks like it's on the desk next to the monitor? You so often see these RGB setups on the desk next to the monitor and I wonder how many keep them on all the time, I just imagine playing Elite at night in a dark room next to a lighthouse.


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All the time! It's actually behind the monitor, though (not by choice, downside of being stuck in a corner alcove), so while sat at the desk the only bit visible is the bottom of the case; maybe a sixth of the graphics card is visible (thanks to the monitor being on a swing arm there's no stand in the way at least), thanks to the angle its at, and none of the other lit components. The best view of it is when entering the room, which has sight of the front of the case.


I like the fact it gives my corner of the room a shifting purple/blue glow at all times, particularly with the lights off. I imagine it might be more distracting if it was in full view — but then, hopefully I'll get to find out for certain next year!

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2 minutes ago, JoeK said:


Well, you've got something that I never thought would be possible - an item uglier than the PS5. 


There should be some achievement awarded somehow for this.



Thankfully it is sealed within a metal box under my desk. Where it cannot cause any harm to anyone who might inadvertently catch sight of it.

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20 hours ago, layten said:

Then I had to do this.


The recycled remains of a 70's disco are surprisingly weighty. 


You've changed, man. Parcel tape not good enough for you now that you've got your diamanté graphics card, eh?

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I was getting super annoyed as trying to use GPU scaling (for integer scaling for example) I was getting a slightly blurred image. Turns out that if you use GPU scaling with a LG OLED it will default to scaling from 4096x2160 rather than 3840x2160 which messes things up.


I found this guide to remove those resolutions and now everything is golden.


Here is a detailed instruction for anyone wanting to remove the 4096x2160 resolutions in NVCP and ingame:

1. Download and run CRU.exe. https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU
2. Click "Export" on the bottom to backup the default profile.
3. Select LG TV SSCR (active)* on top.
4. Under "Extension blocks", double click "CTA-861: 1 detailed resolution, ..." to edit it.
5. Under "Data blocks", double click "TV resolutions" to edit it and delete all "4096x2160". Click ok afterward.
6. Repeat for "HDMI support".
7. Click ok several times to apply changes.
8. Run "restart64.exe" to restart the graphic card.
9. Restart the PC.
10. Go into Nvidia Control Panel-> Change resolution and make sure it's still using 10bpc. Sometimes it resets to default 8bbpc color settings.

Done! Now there should not be any 4096x2160 resolutions in Nvidia Control Panel or ingame.


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