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NVIDIA GeForce 30-series: come for the lack of order updates and stock, stay for the fan discussion


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48 minutes ago, krenzler said:

I agree. People buying in the $1000 range won’t care much about a $200 differential. Also how long before the XT variant drops to $800. That card makes zero sense. 


PC gaming is in a very weird place at the moment, it has to said. I am and will always be predominantly a PC gamer but I'm in what I'd consider a fairly small cross-section of people who love tinkering and fucking about with these things to get marginal gains that almost no-one would notice or care about! Honestly, what with the fucking issues Unreal engine seems to have (and a shit-load of other modern games), most of the time PC gaming is a whole crock of shite and you get a far more consistent performance on consoles.


But...those little moments when you get to see something genuinely special are what I care about. Currently, only a 4090 will give me  those fleeting moments when playing on 4k. 


Now, sad as it is to say - that's more than worth the £1600 I paid for my card. But, as mentioned - I think I'm in an incredibly small minority of people who do this sort of thing. Why on earth would I pay less than that and have to have major downgrades on my expectations? 


I can't recommend any of these cards to most people. How can you - you can get a Series X, a PS5, a Switch and loads of extra stuff for the same price. 


However...those little moments! Man, they can be so fucking good :P


Now watch as I go back to playing MS Solitaire...I'm getting close to being a Silver Grandmaster don't you know?

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On 12/12/2022 at 19:18, krenzler said:

I agree. People buying in the $1000 range won’t care much about a $200 differential. Also how long before the XT variant drops to $800. That card makes zero sense. 


Given the entire purpose of moving to MCM/chiplets is cost, then a likely reason why the XT is priced how it is relates to the yield rate they are getting for the GCD.


They both share the exact same GCD, with the only difference being one less active MCD for the XT and various other performance nerfs. I assume moving to a measly 300mm die means the yield rates, unlike Nvidia's aren't horrific so selling the XT at a steep discount is bad business, but you need to apparently offer an option for people in the lower price bracket when all you really want to do is offer the one with reasonable margins until the cost to manufacture falls later down the line.


If people want NV to actually blink first, then you'll need to vote with your wallet and buy somebody else's product, anything else doesn't send much of a useful signal to them really as they'll get your money eventually, one way or another.

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