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Super Mario Bros Nintendo Game & Watch - 13th November


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15 minutes ago, Hello Goaty ♥ said:


It sort of does for me.... :hmm:


Because i'm a DIRTY HOARDER  I have two of these on the way, one from Amazon and one from Nintendo.

The funny thing is, the Amazon one is coming today, and the Nintendo one is coming..Saturday.  Dickheads.


I am going to open and use the one with the most battered box, as these things go.


So i need to wait to compare boxes :lol:   what a cunt.  Mind you if the Amazon one is already battered its a no brainer.




Comes wrapped in plastic for maximum mintne$$. ;)




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I couldn't resist opening the thing up and having a quick look before it gets wrapped up and sent off to my brother...


Man, it brings back an awful lot of memories, for sure. Screen is wonderfully sharp, controls and buttons feel just right too. Feel in the hand seems a little lighter than I remember the old G&W machines being, but as I haven't had one for years now that could be just my mistake.


Very glad I got it for him, for sure.


Now, I want a Zelda one ;) 

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2 hours ago, Parappa said:

what would be good is if you could play emulated game and watch games on it. 

Indeed that would be cool! :) Maybe get another one for hacking? Ah... limited run guess that they will be hard to find. 


Maybe Nintendo, depending on how successful this is, will restart Game And Watch production with upgraded games or bundles of old G&W games on units... Think they released a G&W cart for the DS ages ago but it's now in collector status so expensive. Surprised they haven't released a G&W history or anniversary compendium on the Switch yet... very unlike Nintendo to exploit an old product line. Would be cool with a little background on the G&W hardware etc. In a similar way Konami did with their Arcade Classics collection. 

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8 minutes ago, rafaqat said:

It’s here.   It’s gorgeous.   I wish I’d bought two because I don’t want to remove it from its plastic sleeve but I want to play with it for a few minutes. 


Nice! Having two is just greedy... let the Nintendo Mario G&W love spread around as much as possible!


You can always put it back into the plastic sleeve! These are meant to be played!!!!

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19 hours ago, Flockheart said:

All this stand talk makes me think we've gone backwards a bit. I am sure the original mario bros game & watch I have in a cupboard upstairs has a little fold out metal leg in the back allowing it to self stand and therefore function as a usable clock! :)



Yeah this. It needs a little kickstand like a G&W. Duh Nintendo.

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1 minute ago, Ninja Doctor said:

Mine’s with Royal Mail somewhere. 

Same. Have a tracking number out tomorrow morning though so hopefully postie will push it through the letterbox.


What a week for gaming for me. Series X and this. Plenty to keep me busy in lockdown.

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3 minutes ago, deKay said:

Anyone else still waiting for Nintendo to dispatch?

When did you preorder deKay? On the day it was announced or sometime after? Mines come and I even had to mess around with changing my credit card settings. I thought that might pushed me to the back of the queue.

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