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Hi everyone.


I'm having a problem with my UK/Pal Colecovision and, thanks to a friend, I've been able to prove the problem relates to the power supply.


Unfortunately, I'm not really any good with repairing things at a component level so I need to buy a new or working replacement power supply.


The thing is, they are not easy to find and so I'm hoping someone on here can guide me in the right direction to finding one somewhere.

There is a modern replacement called a ColUSB that I would buy in an instant if they actually had any in stock.  I don't think they are even being made any more.


So, failing that, does anyone else have any idea how I can get my poor old Colecovision going again?



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I've been researching this for a the past couple of days and have decided I've no real choice but to buy this power supply from eBay in the US.


It's $49.99 which isn't too bad but once you add on delivery and import duties it comes in at over $90! (About £80 at the moment I think). :blink:


At least they offer the option of the UK plug when you buy the item.


I've heard it's REALLY good quality and might even improve the quality of the TV signal (over RF) but I can't imagine it being $90 good.  Still, at least my Colecovision will work again.

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What fun (and no, I don't mean replying to my own thread again :lol:).


I received the new PSU from the US yesterday and it does look like a quality bit of kit.  However, when I plugged it in all that I saw was a screen full of garbled text.  I tried the other PSU I have access to (my friend's official PSU) and it too showed the messed up graphics.  Looking online it appears that 2 RAM chips have died.  So that tells me that either:

  1. The Colecovision somehow broke since my last post two weeks ago despite it not being used at all   OR
  2. The new PSU damaged the RAM when I first plugged it in

So now I have what I think (hope) is a working PSU from the US that has cost me a fortune that I can't use because my Colecovision has gone kaput.


Does anyone know anyone that can help replace the faulty RAM chips?  I can buy the chips online but I'm not very good at soldering and would prefer to pay someone else to do the job right.


This is one of the downsides to using original retro hardware - it can be expensive getting replacements or repairs. :(

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